Amazon Mini TV Sorry Bhaaisaab review: Relatable & Funny

Amazon Mini TV Sorry Bhaaisaab review: Relatable & Funny

What: Sorry Bhaaisaab review: Amazon Mini TV short film starring Sharib Hashmi and Gauahar Khan and is a relatable & funny slice of life from the life of a common man – the ‘aam aadmi’.

Amazon Mini TV Sorry Bhaaisaab synopsis

The Delhi based couple Guptas – consisting of a plum Mr Gupta (Sharib Hashmi) and his slim trim and fit wife Mrs Gupta (Gauahar Khan) and their cute seven year old daughter. Mr. Gupta is obsessed with his car while Mrs Gupta wants a change and an upgrade.

One day while coming back from his forced jogging routine, Mr Gupta finds his car being stolen. Mr. Gupta is sad while the incident has hardly any effect on Mrs. Gupta who in fact smells an opportunity to push her husband for a new car.

Mr. Gupta agrees but since being an ‘aam aadmi’ Mr. Gupta wants to wait till Diwali to cash on various offers.

However, fate makes its own move and within a couple of days Mr. Gupta spots his lost old car while jogging. The robber has left an emotional note saying ‘Sorry Bhaaisaab’. But that’s not the end of the story. Something quite unpredictable happens next.


Amazon Mini TV Sorry Bhaaisaab review and final words

Amazon Mini TV Sorry Bhaaisaab review

Rekindling those Do Dooni Chaar, Khosla Ka Ghosla on big screen and Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi, Rajani kind of memnories on small screen, writer director Suman Adhikary and Sumit Ghildiyal give a relatable slice of life with a quirky sly end.

Cashing on the Delhi based middle class milieu Sorry Bhaaisaab is a short and sweet journey of desire, need, greed, hope, faith and fate.

It’s ironical and well as comical, the 20 od minute short sees the ever dependable Sharib Hashmi as Mr Gupta pitching in perfectly and flawlessly performing to the core.

Gauahar Khan as Mrs Gupta ( less glamour more charm) is a pleasant surprise and she delivers very well.

Suman Adhikary and Sumit Ghildiyal ensure that a relatable atmosphere is maintained throughout and proper care is taken regarding the settings, other characters – the grocery shop owner, the neighbors, lingo etc.


Some vital points are missed and the climax though sly and pointing comes with feeble establishment resulting in the robber becoming too metaphoric for a ‘common man’ to understand.        

Final words

Anyways, ‘Sorry Bhaisaab’ is a sly, relatable & funny take on the sorry state of a common man bole toh ‘aam aadmi’.


Rating : 3.5/5

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