Tarla movie review: A Delightfully Empowering Gem, Fulfilling As The Masters Recipe

Tarla movie review: A Delightfully Empowering Gem, Fulfilling As The Masters Recipe

Tarla movie review: A Delightfully Empowering Gem, Fulfilling As The Masters Recipe

What: Tarla starring Huma Qureshi as the legendary cook Tarla Dalal is not just a story of a woman who cooks incredible food, its more than that. Director Piyush Gupta makes a healthy and nutritious debut.

Tarla movie synopsis

Based on India's most iconic home chef Tarla Dalal it’s the story of how Tarla (Huma Qureshi) a woman who wants to do something in life, finds her path after twelve years of her marriage and revolutionizes the home cooking scene by becoming the first woman to have her own cookbook and cookery show, and the only Indian to have received Padma Shri for her work in the field of cooking.


Tarla movie review


One of the great pleasures of Tarla is that it’s about an unusual hero and the rewards for being a good cook, the power of food, how it spreads light, joy, hope and the woman Tarla who teaches how a woman can break the chain even after being confined in that Kitchen.

Cooking still in many parts of the world – a female area which is just a duty not a ‘job’ forget about considered as an art.

Writer director Piyush Gupta in his debut as a director ( Dangal, Chhichhore, Bhoothnath Returns as writer previous) with his co-writer Gautam Ved make it simple and identifiable. No desperate attempt to wow us with its layers of empowerment that comes naturally, rooted characters and the core message that gets delivers wonderfully.

Movies centered around a woman talking about empowerment are plenty but hardly has entered the mind and heart of the viewers through stomach.

It is said that the way to enters a man’s heart is through his stomach, Tarla extends the adage from man’s heart to human’s heart with glee.

We all have something special in us, Tarla says it’s not just recognizing your talent it's what you do with it and how you make that difference.

Tarla a story of those times when global hit reality shows like MasterChef, food shows, famous chefs coming on TV, etc was not the norm.

Tarla revolutionized the cooking scene, wrote her cookery book, was the first to have her own show, who went from being a homemaker to becoming the kitchen guide for almost every homemaker in India. Tarla Dalal was a pioneer in many ways and is the only Indian to have won a Padma Shri for her contributions to the culinary arts. 

Piyush Gupta has narrated the story in a thoroughly convincing manner, the narration flows like a water and there is never a dull moment. It’s a human story having its ups downs and also highlights the price that one has to pay at times to get famous.

Sharib Hashmi’s character as a supportive husband who then falters for a while brings the required drama and tension in this uplifting story and adds value.

The moments between Huma and Sharib are simple and adorable.




Huma Qureshi rules again and how. A role very different from what she has done so far. Huma excels as Tarla, with those extra padding, the actress adds the required weight, grace and poise to her character. Exceptional.

Sharib Hashmi as the supportive husband is brilliant. Note him during the final scenes with Huma and in that interview, that shows his great potential. Brilliant.

Rajeev Pandey as Sharib Hashmi’s colleague who lures him with those non veg delicacies brings the required sly humour and he does it so well.

Bharti Achrekar is very good.




It is ends at how Tarla got her first cookery show. I wanted to see some more.


Tarla - Final words

Tarla – is not just a film, it’s a journey, it’s a journey of a woman who broke norms, she not only turned those non veg delicacies into lip smacking veg delights. She created a revolution. Today we have so many people proudly presenting their recipes online. Chefs on TV, advertisement etc. We have a choice right from the recipe to the masala they endorse.

Tarla was the first one, the pioneer who inspired people, especially women that way to their dream can be from the windows of their kitchen.

It’s not just a story of an extraordinary woman who cooked great food, it’s a film which underlines cooking as an art, how a great artist can shape lives of million around the globe, a great artiste can come from anywhere, it's about life, food and people around us and how to savor it.

Tarla is streaming on ZEE5 from July 07, 2023 onwards


Tarla movie review Hindi

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Rating : 4/5

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