Tasalli Se Review: "Profound and Introspective"

Tasalli Se Review: "Profound and Introspective"
In your lifetime, you must have had disagreements with your best friend and engaged in caustic spate of words ? The answer for many would be Yes!
In Tasalli Se, director Tarun Dudeja introspects and empathically observes the equation between two besties - Somesh and Ranjan, played with depth by Nakul Mehta and Naveen Kasturia,who meet after a hiatus of 12 years.
It's revealed during the course of their conversation that the friends had parted ways due to a bitter political argument on social media and never reconciled. Interestingly, this short film features only these two characters and largely shot in the confines of a room. You can see the dynamics in their talk which starts from being awkward but changes into a more free-flowing one.
The 24 minute short, written by Sajal Kumar,showcases how the strongest of bonds can fall into cracks owing to any  misunderstandings but can be fixed back on the premise of trust and loyalty.
The friends eventually realize and appreciate each other's perspectives and hug, and that's the most heartwarming moment in the film.Both Nakul and Naveen are natural and perform without a hint of affectation.
Personally, it left me teary eyed and with a lingering taste of nostalgia.


The short is produced by Yuvaa Originals and streaming on Amazon Mini TV.


Rating : 3.5/5

Director :

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