The Silence of Swastik review: Shocking, Infuriating & Illuminating Eye Opener


What: The Silence of Swastik | Biggest betrayal of 20th Century by Anuj Bhardwaj and Garvit Bhardwaj is an impassionate documentary feature that demands - and deserves - serious answers.

The Silence of Swastik | Biggest betrayal of 20th Century synopsis

Hitler used a symbol for his political and racial ideology. The world today calls that symbol "Swastika", an Indian name to a symbol used by Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains for ages. But was it a Swastika? or something else?

The Silence of Swastik | Biggest betrayal of 20th Century review

How much do we know about Swastika – the symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions - Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and used all over the globe.

Is there a good swastika or a bad swastika?

What made Hitler choose a divine symbol of Hindus for his ideology? When he himself in his book has considered Hindus/Indians of inferior race as compared to the white British (apology for using the word ‘white’ for British, just used to make my point acceptable to those ‘racist’ mindset).

Written researched and directed by Anuj Bhardwaj and Garvit Bhardwaj, The Silence of Swastik | Biggest betrayal of 20th Century is a solid eye opener that exposes the pseudo mindset of the west that has tried to give a bad name to the sacred Hindu symbol/icon that comes from the Sanskrit word Sanskrit (conducive to well-being).

Human beings can be differentiated between good and bad since its origin. Swastika contrary to that ‘manufactured’ propaganda or misinformation or say lack of knowledge is never ‘bad’. It remains divine/auspicious no matter whether it’s the right-facing symbol or the left-facing symbol sauwastika.

The Anuj Bhardwaj and Garvit Bhardwaj documentary explains in detail the origin, significance and while highlighting the West's stigmatisation of the symbol leading to misunderstandings and unwanted protest, also brings forward the influence of Christianity in Adolf Hitler.

How easily and as per their convenience, Swastika never got its due and was not said to be originated form the Sanskrit word. The European world used various names like fylfot, gammadion, tetraskelion, or cross cramponnee, Hakenkreuz in Germany, in French - croix gammee, in Italian - croce uncinate, Wanzi in Chinese and so on.

The illuminating documentary also underlines how Swastika generally is a form of a cross the + symbol used in Christianity with its arms of equal length perpendicular to the adjacent arms bent midway each at right angle. Experts will agree that such symbol is found in the archaeological remains of the Indus Valley Civilisation, Samarra and early Byzantine and Christian artwork.

So how can something auspicious originated from the Holy Cross can be auspicious till 1930 and later under Hitler regime turn into a symbol of Nazism, antisemitism.

You will never find the word ‘swastika’ used by Hitler anywhere.

The documentary also says talks about the allegation against Pope Pius XII for being ‘over cautious’ or even maintaining sort of a ‘silence’ during Hitler’s Holocaust on Jews in Germany, though supporters claim of aides being provided during that madness.    

More such truths come out from this relevant documentary that needed telling and re telling. Divulging more will spoil the interest. Watch this right now if you are a true Indian.

The Silence of Swastik | Biggest betrayal of 20th Century by Anuj Bhardwaj and Garvit Bhardwaj is a result of a great collective work. Valuable contribution from respected people from their respected fields have made this possible - IAS officer Sanjay Dixit, retired history professor Ashvini Agarwal, anchors - Gaurav Bhardwaj, Sambhav Sharma, Ruchi Kaushik, Vinod Kumar, religious scholars like Ach. Ankur Arya, Former SU President – Rashmi Samant, influencers like Elvish Yadav and international actress from German origin - Suzanne Bernert. Abhishek Vats fine editing maintains the interest throughout.


The Silence of Swastik | Biggest betrayal of 20th Century final words

The great influential German theatre personality, playwright and poet has said, “Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.”. The Silence of Swastik | Biggest betrayal of 20th Century is that metaphoric hammer/spade/shovel to dig the buried hard bitter history of India that bites that pseudo mindset that aims spread misinformation and create divide amongst innocent humans.

Agreed, the movie which actually ends up saying more than it is actually speaking on screen, those who can understand may argue that such provocative but highly illuminating movie deserves a better exposure and better artful treatment in delivering the message.

But in my humble opinion, only a pseudo and/or an unthinking monster will be unmoved after watching The Silence of Swastik | Biggest betrayal of 20th Century.

Because history is not always what comes to you in your school syllabus, it’s also a discovery, a discovery of origin, a discovery of truth which you come across in different phases of your life. The Silence of Swastik | Biggest betrayal of 20th Century is nothing but a shocking, infuriating & illuminating truth. Watch it.

The Silence of Swastik | Biggest betrayal of 20th Century is available on AKTK Documentary channel on Youtube.


Rating : 4/5

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