5 reasons to watch Prime Video’s upcoming sci-fi mystery, Night Sky

5 reasons to watch Prime Video’s upcoming sci-fi mystery, Night Sky
Science fiction never fails to amaze us. The genre is a gold mine for Hollywood and Amazon Prime Video is giving us just another reason to be excited with the exclusive OTT release of Night Sky. Starring J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek, the trailer of this eight-episode series has surely given a sensory explosion of the universe and its mysteries unsolved. 
Sci-fi geek or not, here are 5 reasons why you should watch it:
It’s about an alien, deserted planet 
We see an elderly couple living the last innings of their lives in solitude, and a chamber that they had accidentally discovered near their residence. That chamber leads to a strange, deserted planet with a sky clear enough for one to spot other planets and stars with the naked eye. The couple appears to bury their sorrows amidst this spectacular experience until a day comes when a mysterious young man disturbs that peace with a ceaseless pursuit of what lies within. This, in turn, unravels the real truth of that chamber. That’s a story anyone would love to follow!
Oscar-winning cast
Oscar winning actors Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons are sure to provide an unmistakable performance, traces of which are already evident in the exciting trailer. Their on-screen chemistry draws the audience into the blissful life on an aged husband and wife, the daily struggles they face and their merriment, which is the real highlight of the series.
Abundant mystery 
Imagine opening a door to a 4K visual of a desert with gigantic planets perched on the sky! Coupled with stellar graphics, the trailer shows us how a miraculous encounter with outer space can be the permanent source of joy for Spacek and Simmons’ on-screen characters of Irene and Franklin York. On the other hand, a trail to that chamber wreaks havoc for the couple who wants others out of this mystery. 
Emotional screenplay
Despite its sci-fi premise, the storyline of this series is grounded in human experience. Themes of mortality, time, anxiety and responsibility towards the family are delicately touched upon throughout, adding layers of emotion to the performances.
Age carries the series along
For a change, there is an elderly couple leading a sci-fi series, shouldering the emotional and psychological weight of the entire story whilst staying forever curious of what the universe holds on for the mortal human beings. The futuristic components highlight marital discord with shocking hurdles, even an alien entrance, who looks every bit human but gives out suspicious vibes. That’s more than what an average elderly couple could take in, and we are thrilled to find out how Irene and Franklin survive this.


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