Watch how an adorable couple figures out life as a married couple in Bhuvan Bam and Srishti Ganguli starrer, Rafta Rafta

Watch how an adorable couple figures out life as a married couple in Bhuvan Bam and Srishti Ganguli starrer, Rafta Rafta
Amazon miniTV’s recently released 7-episode series – Rafta Rafta revolves around a newlywed couple which reflects the story of most couples, paired with hilarious moments making it a highly relatable slice of life romcom. Karan and Nithya, a young pair of coworkers, fall in love and get married, only to realize that marriage is no bed of roses. This is where the story becomes much more similar to real life as the viewers see them figuring out how life as a married couple works. This Bhuvan Bam and Srishti Ganguli starrer is full of twists, turns, and comedy. There is love, fights, adjustments, poky relatives, nosy neighbors, and every other element that would make for a very chaotic and engaging watch. The series is currently streaming on Amazon miniTV and to know what the rollercoaster ride is all about, here are five reasons why you cannot miss Rafta Rafta.
●        A Story to Remember
Rafta Rafta takes you on a journey with Karan and Nithya, a pair so poles apart that nobody would imagine them falling for each other, let alone working together. However, that is exactly what happens with these two as they start off squabbling over work, fall in love, and end up getting married. Amazon miniTV’s recent offering brings to you this romantic comedy with a dash of real-life sprinkled all over. From the cute little arguments between Karan and Nithya as they figure out married life, to dealing with day-to-day issues, the captivating plotline of Rafta Rafta blends sentiments and humor to create a captivating story..
●        A Treat Called Bhuvan
Catch the YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam making his Amazon miniTV debut as a hopelessly romantic and quirky character. Bhuvan is here with a series that not only puts his acting prowess on full display, but also lets us see his boyish and absolutely adorable self on the screen. His character, Karan, has a laid-back, easy going attitude and is known to be a charismatic young man ever since he was a college student. That being said, he is also a total procrastinator and often pushes off dealing with issues at hand. This behavior of his leads to a slightly chaotic married life full of bitter-sweet moments, witty and emotional banters, and a dose of love and laughter to share with his on-screen wife, Nithya. Now, Nithya is the polar opposite of Karan. She is a perfectionist, she loves to have everything organized, and she loves to scare her husband! It is an absolute treat for the viewers as this ill-fitting pair tries to strike balance in their married life.
●        The Abundance of Laughs
Rafta Rafta is an incredible combination of a sweet and mushy romantic plot and a proper comedy of errors! Karan and Nithya are opposites and despite their obvious chemistry, they only agree that they do not want to be in a relationship. However, their agreements and disagreements somehow lead to them being married and that’s when the fun begins!
●        The Weighing Scales of Love
Rafta Rafta is a heartwarming journey of Karan and Nithya’s relationship that will quickly become a people’s favorite, given how relatable and real it is. Like every relationship in the world, Karan and Nithya also face the challenges that a modern-day couple would have, have fights over them, and sometimes falter in their process of navigating their life with a partner. Rafta Rafta throws light on this situation in a brilliant manner, ensuring that the viewers feel this couple’s struggle, but also laugh until they cry watching their antics. This package of comedy and emotions is sure to be relatable to the viewers and keep them entertained throughout.
●        The Outstanding Cast and Crew
Rafta Rafta is a BB Ki Vines production, starring super talented actors Bhuvan Bam as Karan and Srishti Ganguli Rindani as Nithya. Produced by Rohit Raj & Bhuvan Bam, and created by Abbas Dalal & Hussain Dalal, this rom com brings the story of a newlywed couple in a relatable yet gripping manner. Directed by Vishal Gupta, Rafta Rafta is bound to leave its mark in the hearts of its viewers.
Let’s welcome this cute and quirky couple, and witness them coming closer in Rafta Rafta, the series is currently streaming on Amazon miniTV within Amazon’s shopping app for free!!

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