Amazon Prime Video's 'Suzhal- The Vortex' is the ultimate gripping tale of secrets; the most engaging series ever

Amazon Prime Video's 'Suzhal- The Vortex' which premiered on 17th June is the ultimate gripping tale of secrets; the most engaging series ever!
While Pushkar-Gayathri have left everyone stunned with yet another gripping story with Amazon Prime Video's 'Suzhal: The Vortex', the filmmaker duo has made a concoction of fascinating well-researched facts, unearthed myths and an ultimate tale of secrets, that has made people stay glued to the series till the end of the 8th episode on a binge watching spree to unfold the knots. 
The series opens up with a big mystery of a missing girl that goes on unfolding different chapters with every episode. The story too brings up many questions for the audience. Who is to blame when a young girl goes missing? Can anyone be trusted? Could it be a stranger or a close one? Why was the girl wandering alone in the night, while the entire village was gathered, celebrating a festival? Is there a connection between the missing girl and the factory that has just been burnt down? These are kind of some doubts that are worth watching out for. 
Talking about what makes Suzhal- The Vortex the most engaging series ever, writers and creators Gayatri & Pushkar delve deeper into the process and share, “So, for the story to progress in this way, we need what's called reversals. That's what we call it in screenwriting terminology. The reversals work over here because they are operating on two levels. One, is the plot has twists and turns in it and the other interesting thing is the characters have twists and turns in it. Now these two might be linked, might not be linked. The character’s reversals might happen because of the plot or it could happen because of a perspective. So having those two gives us scope to bring these grand twists and turns to play in every episode. 
You have to watch the next episode, you can't stop with one. It's like those chips, you have to have more chips, and cant stop at one. We wanted to have that reversal at the end of every episode which will have people reaching for ‘continue to play’. People are getting gripped to the twists and turns we have weaved in.” 
The series very efficiently captured the reality that we face but don't want to accept. Moreover, taboos have been strongly addressed which will draw the audience into the story before they know it. The dark and intriguing story leaves the audience questioning everything they just witnessed. 
The beautiful characters portrayed by a talented star cast like Parthiban, Sriya Reddy, Aishwarya Rajesh, Kathir, and more act as a connected dot with a dark past that will anger you and provoke you. 
From the house of Pushkar and Gayatri, Suzhal- The Vortex premiered in 30+ languages on 17th June on Prime Video.

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