Here are lessons from Arjun Mathur and Gagan Arora as to why one should never Drink & Drive

Here are lessons from Arjun Mathur and Gagan Arora as to why one should never Drink & Drive
Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, is here to take you through an eventful car journey with its newest dark comedy filled with eventful twists - Don’t Drink & Drive. This short film takes us through the journey of a young boy who is drunk and lost while trying to find his way home decides to give a lift to a hitchhiker.  This duo then gets into a ton of trouble, but all of their shenanigans impart some wisdom. Here are the lessons that the characters of Arjun Mathur and Gagan Arora will impart to you through this funny, dramatic, and highly intriguing story.
Two strangers, one unexpected ride: Those of us who have stopped to pick up hitchhikers know that sometimes these strangers turn out to be genuinely nice people, and other times they teach us valuable lessons. While the story's premise may seem straightforward, the events that follow are more nuanced than they seem. From spending the night in jail to having your beloved car switched for a rust bucket right under your nose, an exciting series of events is about to unfold!
Dark comedy with a social message: The title of this short film itself carries the message that it is trying to convey to the audience - ‘Don’t Drink & Drive’. Given the kind of trouble we see people getting on the roads, this message might just be something that we need to be reminded of. Not only does the story give the perfect blend of comedy and drama, but it also imparts a few words of wisdom like it isn’t always a good idea to trust strangers; you never know where you might land up. To know how the night turns out for our characters, tune into Amazon miniTV on November 7th!
Stellar Cast: The faces that we see on screen with Don’t Drink & Drive are ones that we’ve seen many times before and their acting skills have blown our minds every time. Combined with a rollercoaster of a story and stellar production, this movie will keep viewers intrigued throughout!
Free on Amazon miniTV: With the release of Don’t Drive and Drive on Amazon miniTV, the viewers are in for a rib-tickling treat with an added bonus. Since Amazon miniTV is available for free in the Amazon Shopping App, the viewers have the opportunity of watching this story progress with no subscription cost!
Created by Crew It Up in association with On the Ball Productions, directed by Jai Sharma, and written by Karan Tejpal, Don’t Drink & Drive features popular actors Gagan Arora, Arjun Mathur, and Jitendra Joshi in pivotal roles, and is set to release on November 7th, exclusively on Amazon miniTV.

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