Beautiful World to Moonlight Romance - add the most-anticipated MX VDesi Shows to your January 2023 list

Beautiful World to Moonlight Romance - add the most-anticipated MX VDesi Shows to your January 2023 list
A new year, a new beginning and a list of new MX VDesi shows! MX Player is all set to ring in the year with an impressive slate of international content dubbed in Hindi from across the globe. From romance to drama, from action to fantasy, MX Player is here with the perfect mix of entertainment with shows ranging across Korean, Mandarin, Filipino and English languages. Excited? Check out the list of VDesi shows that you cannot miss watching in January 2023. 
Beautiful World - 4th January 
It's said, 'A parent-child relationship is the purest bond one can have,' and K-Drama Beautiful World highlights this special relationship in the most heartening way. The 16-episode series follows the journey of a young middle school student, Park Sun-ho (Nam Da-reum) who becomes the unfortunate victim of school violence, gets critically injured and fights for his life. The deplorable incident causes immense pain to the boy and his family, and they decide to fight for justice. Filled with guilt, rage and disappointment, Park Sun-ho's parents, Park Moo-jin (Park Hee-soon) and Kang In-ha (Choo Ja-Hyun) go on a quest to investigate and find out the truth. Beautiful World is a bravely depicted story that not only highlights the unparalleled parent-child relationship but also the harsh environment the youth is exposed to. Will Park Moo-jin and Kang In-ha be able to get their son justice? Watch Beautiful World streaming on MX Player in Hindi from 4th January 2023. 
And the Winner Is Love - 7th January 
Get ready to fall in love again with 'And the Winner Is Love.' An action fantasy, it is a Chinese television series based on Junzi Yize's novel of the same name. Set in the backdrop of the martial arts world, the story follows Chong Xuezhi (Chen Yuqi), the young mistress of the Fire palace, who encounters Shangguan Tou (Luo Yunxi), the master of the Moon Valley while on her journey of self-discovery. Will Shangguan Tou and Chong Xuezhi together be able to stand the test of time? Stream this 48-episode series on MX Player in Hindi starting 7th January as a new episode drops every week. 
The Wind Blows - 11th January 
A classic example of magnanimous love, The Wind Blows is an intense and heartbreaking K-Drama that follows the life of a happily married couple, Kwon Do-hoon (Kam Woo-sung) and Lee Soo-jin (Kim Ha-neul), who get separated due to an unfortunate situation. The Wind Blows is a beautifully woven tale of true love and the hardships of a relationship. While the story has an unusual approach, it is gentle and digs deeper into how a disease can affect relationships. Rekindle the romance with The Wind Blows streaming on MX Player in Hindi from 11th January. The 16-episode series will certainly be etched in your hearts for a long time and will make you appreciate your life partner even more.  
Poisoned Love - 14th January 
Poisoned Love is a sweet romantic drama with a dark past. The story follows a young talented voice actor, Fang Yan (Ma Meng Wei), who suffers from a mental illness. She gets entangled in a complicated love triangle as she accidentally encounters Shi Meng and believes him to be his brother Shi Yi. Understanding the sensitivity of Fang Yan's situation, the two brothers decide to play along to cure her illness. The three live-in together to complete their film and encounter some unexpected situations. Will Shi Meng be able to help cure Fang Yan's illness, or will the truth be revealed? Watch this series on MX Player in Hindi starting 14th January.  
Love Thy Woman - 18th January 
What happens when siblings turn enemies? Love Thy Woman, a much-loved Philippine drama series reflects on this change in relationships in the best possible way. The narrative explores the bitter-sweet bond between half-sisters Jia Wong (Kim Chiu) and Dana Wong (Yam Concepcion), who turn into arch-rivals over a man. The story takes a dramatic turn when Jia forms a deeper and stronger relationship with David, Dana's husband. The trio's complex relationships are tied back to the past, where history repeats itself. A family saga spanning two generations, Love Thy Woman explores the dark side of love and the duplicitous polarity of betrayal. What is the past mystery? Will they be able to heal the mistakes of past and present? Tune into MX Player on 18th January to get the answers to all questions as Love Thy Woman streams in Hindi. 
Waiting For You In The Future - 21st January 
Waiting For You In The Future revolves around a 36-year-old high school teacher, Hao Hui Gui, who is single and lives a monotonous life. His daily routine involves spending time at home, and school and occasionally meeting his best friend. While he's usually calm and composed, one fine day, during a get-together, Hao Hui Gui gets into a heated argument with his best friend, which brings about a drastic turn in his life. To refresh good old memories, he scrolls through his 20-year-old diary and realises how to achieve his goals, he has lost the 'happy him.' As Hao Hui Gui recalls memories and self-analyses the situation, Hao Hui Gui falls asleep and meets his younger self in his dreams. A simple, captivating and thought-provoking drama, Waiting For You In The Future is highly relatable. Watch it on MX Player in Hindi from the 21st January, as new episodes drop every week. 
Heirs Of The Night - 25th January
Enter into the vampire's fanatical world with, Heirs Of The Night, a series based on the book series Die Erben der Nacht by Ulrike Schweikert. Set in 1889, Heirs Of The Night explores a school for vampires where students from different clans learn special powers. They unite to learn the tricks to defeat Dracula, an ancient evil, to which 14-year-old Alisa (Anastasia Martin) has a special and unexplained connection. The narrative moves forward with how Alisa balances her unique power and everyday teenage problems. Filled with fantasy and live-action sequences, Heirs Of The Night has a supernatural setting with vampires, but it is touted to be one of the most entertaining coming-of-age dramas. Dive deeper into this fantasy world Season 1 of the 13-episodic series streams in Hindi on 25th January on MX Player. 
Moonlight Romance - 28th January 
A Taiwanese Drama, Moonlight Romance is a romantic fantasy that revolves around an immortal match-maker, Yue Lao/Li Yue (Edison Song), who descends to earth from heaven in a new role, as a divorce lawyer. To absorb energies to continue his existence, he accidentally meets Fang Duomi (Amber An), the developer of the love pheromone perfume patent. Fang Duomi believes that the pheromone produced by love can be synthesized by scientific methods. As they get to know each other, Li Yue finds out that Dumoi was the one who saved his life before, but she had to bear the consequences of the same. Their friendship gradually blossoms into attraction, as Li Yue falls for her. But will love be able to blur the line between a human and an immortal being? Find out on 28th January, as the 24-episode series streams in Hindi on MX Player. 

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