From amazing gameplay to an intriguing storyline, here are a few reasons why should not miss Amazon miniTV’s latest series Sixer

From amazing gameplay to an intriguing storyline, here are a few reasons why should not miss Amazon miniTV’s latest series Sixer
Ever since veteran cricketer Yuvraj Singh accepted a challenge from Vijaynagar Vijetas, viewers have been eagerly waiting to know what's happening! Finally, the secret has been unveiled as the much-awaited sports web series Sixer released today on Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service. Starring Shivankit Singh Parihar in the lead, this TVF creation revolves around a ragtag group of cricketers and cricket enthusiasts. This group of friends come together to overcome personal odds and help each other have a clear shot at winning the local tennis ball cricket tournament. Filled with unexpected twists and turns, here are a few reasons why you shouldn't miss watching Sixer.
The Cricket Connection: If there’s one thing that keeps everyone glued together, it is cricket. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, ‘Cricket is a sport of togetherness’ and Amazon miniTV’s Sixer talks about this crucial subject in the best possible way. This slice-of-life sports drama delves into the life of a young cricket enthusiast, Nikunj ‘Nikku’ Shukla. Nikku’s journey and struggles are portrayed in a way that will touch the heart of every Indian cricket fan. If cricket is an emotion for you, then Sixer must be on your watchlist.
Intriguing Storyline: Set in the small city of Indore, Sixer shows life from a perspective that has never been seen before. From the thrills of friendship to the responsibilities of a sportsperson, it perfectly captures the life of this bunch of youngsters working towards achieving their dreams. Nikku’s interpersonal relationships move the story forward, while also sharing a strong message with the viewers. After all, Sixer is not all the sport, but also encapsulates elements of drama, emotions, and fun that make it a must-watch.
The Top-notch Khiladis - The cricket ground in this sports series is filled with some of the best khiladis of the entertainment industry. Yes, we’re talking about the spectacular cast which includes Shivankit Singh Parihar, Badri Chavan, Rahul Tewari, Karishma Singh, Vaibhav Shukla, Brij Bhushan Shukla, Puneet Batra, and Suraj Rikame, amongst others. Their exceptional acting prowess is sure to bowl you over!
Free on Amazon miniTV - Free is always good, and if it’s something as intriguing as Sixer, there’s nothing better! Created by Shreyansh Pandey and Arunabh Kumar, Sixer is directed by Chaitanya Kumbhakonum. This 6-episode series is now streaming on Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, and is guaranteed to keep you hooked to the screens.
So, what are you waiting for? Tune into Amazon miniTV, available for free within the Amazon Shopping App and Fire TV now, and get ready to scream “Sixer!”

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