Singers Jonita Gandhi, Andrea Jeremiah and Rapper Arivu collaborate on original track ‘Duvaa Duvaa’ from from Suzhal – The Vortex

Singers Jonita Gandhi, Andrea Jeremiah and Rapper Arivu collaborate on original track ‘Duvaa Duvaa’ from from Suzhal – The Vortex
With the trailer fanning the flames of intrigue across the nation and beyond, Prime Video is all set to further entice audiences prior to the release of its eagerly awaited first long-form scripted original series in Tamil, an investigative drama titled Suzhal – The Vortex, with the launch of a music video with an original song titled ‘Duvaa Duvaa’. Composed by Sam C.S. and featuring mesmerizing vocals by celebrated singers Jonita Gandhi and Andrea Jeremiah, the track also features an intense rap portion by none other than rapper Arivu Kalainesan, popularly known as Arivu

While the intense mood of the song fits perfectly with the intriguing setting, the lyrics bring out the internal turmoil faced by the myriad of characters within the series. The video, a conceptual recreation of the central conflict within the series, is a strong visually appealing device furthering the message put forth by the series. Prime members in India and across 240 countries and territories worldwide can watch Suzhal – The Vortex starting 17th June.
Speaking about the song, Music Director of the Series Sam C.S. said, “After having watched the series, I knew the song needed to be just as powerful. It was essential to capture the intensity of the series, to bring about the intrigue while being honest and authentic in our delivery. My focus was mainly on ensuring that it fit the mood of the series well and that It brought out the clashing emotions each character experiences throughout the series. I hope with ‘Duvaa Duvaa’ I have been able to capture the soul of Suzhal – The Vortex!”
Singer Jonita Gandhi said “I’m excited about Suzhal – The Vortex! It’s an investigative crime thriller, and not just the series but the score and soundtrack are something to look forward to as well! 'Duvaa Duvaa’ has some interesting musical twists and turns. It’s entertaining and takes you through various emotions, kind of like the series itself! I had a great time working on the music video alongside a very talented bunch including Sam C.S., Arivu, Andrea. It was wonderful working with the entire team and I hope everyone enjoys the video as much as we enjoyed working on it!”
Andrea Jeremiah said, “It was incredible to work alongside incredible musicians such as Sam C.S., Jonita and Arivu. The single-minded focus that they all bring to their craft is absolutely inspiring. I loved working on ‘Duvaa Duvaa’ mainly because of the extremely powerful message it gives out. The lyrics, the music – leave you with a sense of purpose, urging you to look beyond what’s visible to the naked eye. It complements the key themes within Suzhal – The Vortex, becoming a seamless extension of the series.”
Added Arivu, “The beauty of ‘Duvaa Duvaa’ is in the fact that it is raw and real, just like the series Suzhal – The Vortex. This authenticity of lyrics and music is what makes the song stand out. I believe the entire team including Jonita and Andrea have done a top-notch job in doing justice to Sam C.S.’s composition. I believe the audiences will enjoy the song and the wonderful music video which oozes power and intrigue in equal measure.”

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