Lionsgate Play launches the trailer for its upcoming third original series ‘Feels Like Home

Lionsgate Play launches the trailer for its upcoming third original series ‘Feels Like Home
Lionsgate Play today released the trailer of its third original series, Feels Like Home. Chronicling the lives of four boys, who move into their first house away from home, the series brings together a whirlwind of emotions and friendship, resulting in a hefty dose of 'bromantic hangover'. Helmed by Sahir Raza and written by Sidhanta Mathur, the series stars Preet Kammani, Vishnu Kaushal, Mihir Ahuja, Anshuman Malhotra, Himika Bose and Inayat Sood.
Set to release on 10th June 2022, the trailer offers viewers a funny insight into the lives of these boys who are set on a journey to fulfill their dreams. The trailer opens with the introduction of 'Banchhod Niwas,' a house rented by four bachelors to achieve their dream. From epic parties to finding a housekeeper to cleaning their house and fun scenes that assure fall-of-your-seat comedy, the trailer offers a rollercoaster journey with slice-of-life nostalgia moments.
Calling it a fresh take on comedy-drama, Preet Kammani, who portrays the character of Lakshay Kochhar, said, “Feels Like Home is a mad ride, a fresh take on comedy-drama about four boys, one house and their journey to adulthood. A youthful show that revolves around an ensemble of characters and perfectly blends the elements of romance, friendship, and daily struggles of youngsters into a beautifully knitted story. We have a set of incredibly talented, passionate and hardworking people whose aim is to bring something fresh to the audiences. A heartwarming and yet rub tickling tale of friendship and togetherness. I am very excited for everyone to watch, laugh and cry and then cry as they laugh with us in the show."
Anshuman Malhotra who plays the character of Sameer said, “Shooting for Feels Like Home has been nothing less than a joy ride. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Sameer, and my aim always was to deliver some exceptional work and get better with each passing day. So when I was told about the concept of the show and the storyline that would follow, I was super excited. I consider this a rare opportunity where a show allows me to perform a character like Sameer, and working with all three boys was a great and unforgettable experience. We shared a great bonding and had a fantastic time shooting for the show.”
Vishnu Kaushal, who plays the character of Avinash, said, “Being a creator on the Internet, the idea that I got to act in a webshow still sounds wild to me. Even though I have been making videos for 6 years now, the idea of acting professionally was super scary. In 2021, I think I’ll atleast start auditioning and not over think it. Soon after that, I got a call from Sid Mathur (The showrunner) asking me if I’d want to audition for the role of Avinash for Feels Like Home. I obviously took that leap. I honestly couldn’t have asked for better people to work with and  better projects to work on. From Sahir & Sid guiding us through scene by scene to my super hard working boys- Anshuman, Preet & Mihir it has been an incredible learning experience for me. I have enjoyed every day of showing up to the set and living life as Avinash & I hope all the fun we had on set translates on camera! I’m the most excited for my friends to see me act though haha.”
Mihir Ahuja, who plays Akhil Gandhi in the series, said, “Feels Like Home is a dream come true. I am thrilled to be a part of this project and live a character’s journey into adulthood. It feels great to be associated with Lionsgate Play and to be a part of this phenomenal journey. Akhil Gandhi as a character, is genuine, innocent and focused..but he had to make some sacrifices to pursue his dream and passion for cricket. Watch Feels Like Home to understand Gandhi and the world around him and his relationship with Lakshay, Avi and Sameer. I think viewers will be able to relate to him.”

Feels Like Home to stream exclusively on Lionsgate Play from June 10th, 2022 onwards

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