Moonfall actor Halle Berry talks about the concept of the film

Moonfall actor Halle Berry talks about the concept of the film
The Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry starrer Moonfall is a sci-fi film co-written, directed and co-produced by Roland Emmerich. The film revolves around a mysterious force that knocks the Moon from its orbit and hurls it on a collision course with Earth. The Oscar-winning actress plays the pivotal role of NASA’s Deputy Director, Jocinda Fowler. Playing the role of a woman who is willful, extremely intelligent, strong and has a real sense of self, Jacinda is someone who is surviving in this tough world on her own.
Talking about the VFX of Moonfall, Halle Berry said, “In the film’s opening attack scene, for example, we're looking at nothing; it's all imagination. These movies are quite different from other movies because we really have to be able to commit to our imagination. It's a really unusual way of working. We have to trust in what's going to happen on the other side because we literally are looking at nothing much but some visuals on a screen that are kind of simulating what we might see with colour tone and flashes of light.”
While talking about the concept of Moonfall, Halle added, “Audiences gravitate towards a spectacle like this because they can see themselves in these scenarios. We all have this fascination about the end of the world, what that would look like, and if we’d live through it.”
Halle added, “The other draw for me was Roland Emmerich -- nobody does these movies better than Roland. It was a great chance to collaborate with a director whose work I've admired and to be part of a story of this magnitude.”
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