Netflix India drops season 2 trailer of Crime drama 'SHE'

Netflix India drops season 2 trailer of Crime drama 'SHE'
Headlined by Aaditi Pohankar, Bhumi’s loyalties are tested as SHE gets braver and bolder on Netflix, come June 17th
SHE returns! After much anticipation, Netflix India has dropped the Season 2 trailer of Imtiaz Ali’s crime-drama series, ‘SHE’. In an action packed season, Aaditi Pohankar reprises her bold role as Bhumika Pardeshi (Bhumi), as a constable who goes undercover as a sex worker to discover the secrets in the dark alleys of Mumbai’s underbelly.
At the end of Season 1, a mild mannered Bhumi discovered her confidence as well as her sexuality. With Season 2, she tests both these newfound qualities to the hilt! She is bound by her duty to the police force and at the other end, pulled in by the counterforce of her attraction towards Nayak, the drug kingpin and ruthless assassin, Bhumi's new found love. Bhumi is changing, but are her loyalties going to? The high-on-octane drama series will release on Netflix on 17th June.
Written and created by Imtiaz Ali, SHE: Season 2 is directed by Arif Ali and produced by Viacom 18 Studios’ Tipping Point and Window Seat Films. The second season shows Bhumi in a dynamic new avatar. Embracing a double life, SHE constantly battles between duty and desire, juggling responsibilities, strenuous relationships and suppressed secrets. SHE: Season 2 sees Bhumi continue to discover herself, exploring themes of sexual awakening and duality. She is absolutely magnetic in the way she plays the double risk of being the hunter and the hunted, finding herself falling deeper into the complex web of Nayak’s plans whilst smoothly thwarting Fernandez’s suspicions.
Writer and showrunner of the series, Imtiaz Ali shares, “She in the second season remains a deeply personal story even as it catapults to a higher octane drama. As She gets comfortable in the role of a seductress, She also begins to get seduced by the charm of Darkness. The thrill quotient is up, The canvas is wider And the treatment more persuasive as Bhumi struggles to decide the secrets she really wants to keep.”
Director Arif Ali added, “In the second season, Bhumi has to constantly walk a tightrope not knowing on which landmine her next step will fall. With death and disaster at every turn, Bhumi’s only chance at survival is a metamorphosis. A transformed Bhumi takes up the reins, constantly making life changing decisions at the cost of trust and duty, such that while she is under threat, no one around her is safe either. The thrill aspect has been built out further with multiple characters and their complexities at odds with Bhumi’s promising a riveting binge viewing of season 2.”
The seven episode gripping crime drama series also stars Kishore Kumar G, Vishwas Kini, Shivani Rangole, Sam Mohan and Suhita Thatte, amongst others in pivotal roles.

She Season 2 will stream on Netflix from 17th June

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