Murder, Cover-ups and vengeance flourish in 'Revenge of others' a new korean drama coming soon exclusively to Disney Hotstar

Murder, Cover-ups and vengeance flourish in 'Revenge of others' a new korean drama coming soon exclusively to Disney+ Hotstar
When a student at a high school suddenly dies without explanation, the rest of the semester will be filled with vengeance against those responsible in Revenge of Others, a thrilling Star Original series coming to Disney+ Hotstar soon
Following the suspicious death of her twin brother, Ok Chanmi, a shooting athlete, takes the extraordinary step of transferring to her brother’s school in an attempt to uncover the truth and find out why the police and the school seemed to have covered up his death. Driven by her love for her brother and a need to understand what happened, Chanmi will partner with another student Ji Suheon, to exact revenge by proxy on those who bully others. Filled from the opening bell with mystery, intrigue and a series of strange incidents being thrown at Chanmi, audiences will be left champing at the bit for each new episode of Revenge of Others.
Starring an up and coming cast of talented Korean actors, Revenge of Others stars Shin Yeeun (A-TEEN, He is Psychometric, Meow the Secret Boy, More Than Friends) as Ok Chanmi, a star shooting athlete whose brother dies under mysterious circumstances; Lomon (All of Us Are Dead) as Ji Suheon, a student committed to taking revenge on other people’s bullies; Seo Jihoon (Seasons of Blossom, Drama Stage: Midnight) as Seok Jaebeom, someone who is able to trace events through lost memories; Chae Sangwoo (Wretches, Nokdu Flower) as Ji Oseong, Lee Soomin (Two Universes, Pumpkin Time) as the secret-hiding Guk Jihyeon, and Chung Subin (Rookie Cops, Dark Hole) as Tae Soyeon. 
Written by Lee Hee Myung and directed by Kim Yoojin, Revenge of Others will cover entirely new ground in the teen thriller drama genre, using the mystery and tension that arises from the protagonist’s search for the truth to take audiences on a wild ride together with its exceptional cast.
Revenge of Others is the latest Korean drama to be announced as part of the ever-expanding library of world-class local APAC storytelling available to audiences on Disney+ Hotstar. Fans of quality Korean programming can also look forward to the September 8 premiere of THE ZONE: Survival Mission, a laugh-out-loud Korean variety show starring Yu Jaeseok, Lee Kwangsoo and Kwon Yuri as they are thrown into a range of unexpected situations including battling against zombies.
Audiences can also currently enjoy a wealth of Korean shows including: Big Mouth about an inept lawyer who is falsely imprisoned and accused of being the country’s most notorious conman;; Link: Eat, Love, Kill about a world-famous chef who has a breakdown in front of his customers and who must revisit his traumatic past; Soundtrack #1, about unrequited love between two close friends; as well as the breakout sensation Snowdrop, starring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, in a story about a university student who goes against her family and her country to help the man she loves. 
Stream Revenge of Others - coming soon, only on Disney+ Hotstar.

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