Shivam Nair exclusives for Mukhbir on ZEE5

Shivam Nair exclusives for Mukhbir on ZEE5
Casting the right people is half the job done . And for that I had to see them as living , breathing people not just familiar faces on web and films . So , after the initial first draft of the basic story line was completed by the writers room I had set up with Saurabh Swami and Karan oberoi, along with the Aseem Arora as a story consultant I got involved in the development of the arch of every character along with Jayaprad Desai and Karan oberoi to flesh out each and every character in detail . This made me see them as real people and had an idea not just of the physical attributes but also the mental make up of every character, almost like building the DNA of each of them . Post that my casting team was given the clear brief and they auditioned a huge number of people. Whoever came close to the DNA of our character and was a good performer was cast 
Shooting with a stellar cast of actors is always exciting as well as challenging since every actor has his own interpretation of the character and his own inherent personality.  Since I knew each character I talked to them about it in detail and let them improv post that . For example - Prakash Raj off screen is very fun and child like and he almost becomes a part of the chaos that usually exists on a film set . And once the camera is switched on he assumes the role he plays with ease . Whereas Adil Hussain is a very warm and affectionate human being who has very strong spiritual leanings . He likes the set to to absolutely quiet . With these two brilliant actors facing each other , the set is a tight rope back . But they light up the screen whenever they are together . Same as the case with a lot of good actors I have cast for the show

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