Witness the love, hate, yet wholesome sibling relationship between the Bhai and Behen of Amazon miniTV

Witness the love, hate, yet wholesome sibling relationship between the Bhai and Behen of Amazon miniTV
Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently premiered their comedy show – Bhai Behen vs The World. Featuring the real-life brother sister duo Shubham Gaur and Saloni Gaur, the show is a rib-tickling comedy story of the typical Indian bond of a Bhai and his Behen. If you haven’t watched this show already, here is why you should watch it right away, and yeah, get your Bhai and Behen too while binging!
Universal Yet Relatable Story: All the Bhais and Behens, this is your story! This show hilariously explores the story of a typical brother-sister and portrays that although they share an adorable relationship having each other’s backs, they can still become a headache and menace for each other.
Agar Yeh Nahi Toh Aur Kaun: Bhai Behen vs The World will tell you just why Shubham and Saloni are meant to be brother and sisters. Their bond is of a typical bhai and behen who love and hate each other at the same time. It is a laugh riot to watch them on-screen, picking up fights, supporting each other, and heartwarming to witnessing a delightful bro-sis bond
Savage Replies: It's no secret that Bhais and Behens have the most savage replies for each other even in the simplest of conversations. If you are looking for a dictionary that comes handy whenever you need to use the most savage one-liners or references, look no further. Bhai Behen vs The World is filled with such references that you can use Thok Bhaav Me, on your Bhais and Behens and even your friends!
Free Free Free: Yes! Savage replies, entertaining fights, and a wholesome relationship is what you get to enjoy for free. You definitely don’t need to pay any amount of money to subscribe to watch this delightful show. It is streaming on Amazon miniTV within the Amazon Shopping App and on Fire TV, for absolutely free!

So what are you waiting for? Rakshabandhan? Go watch now!

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