The Boys Season 3 is set for a musical episode ft. Kimiko and Frenchie

The Boys Season 3 is set for a musical episode ft. Kimiko and Frenchie
The calm before the storm was never this groovy! Before The Boys create any more havoc, fans are about to witness some light-hearted moments in a much-anticipated musical, all thanks to Kimiko and Frenchie. 
This Friday's episode of The Boys Season 3 will make viewers wear their dancing shoes as Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and Frenchie (Tomer Capone) match their steps. Hold on! This isn't it. This special musical episode will also bring the old and new cast together. 
Prime Video just released a teaser of the musical episode, where a recovering Kimiko is dancing her heart out in the hospital and is joined by Frenchie. The teaser features some quick shots of the old and new cast, hyping expectations. The show-tune-style music does not reveal much, but it would be interesting to see who all join Kimiko and Frenchie in this foot-tapping number.
The idea of a musical was brewing with showrunner Eric Kripke since season 2, and it is finally happening in the third season! That exciting dance routine was tough to pull off for both Fukuhara and Capone, but they accepted the challenge, nonetheless.
 Talking about the musical episode, Fukuhara said, “I’m not used to it. If you don't know the basic moves, you can't do the choreography. It's so difficult." Capone, on the other hand, was glad that the choreographer gave them the freedom to improvise and be themselves. "In my private life, I do love to move and express my rhythm, but I'm not sure you can call it dancing. But if it's in the script, I'll go for it," he said. 
Infamous for her brutality, Kimiko's character will see a drastic shift in the upcoming episodes. Not only will she discover herself but will also lead a normal life.
Music is slated to become another stimulus for this character with a dark past to unwind, connect with others, and spread peace. 


The Boys Season 3 started streaming on Amazon Prime Video in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu on June 3, 2022. With four episodes out, the battle between The Supes and The Boys is really heating up in this superhero drama!

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