After releasing on OTT, Director Umaa Prakash Tiwari Film Muqaam is loved by the audience

After releasing on OTT, Director Umaa Prakash Tiwari Film Muqaam is loved by the audience
Under the banner of RaviRam Productions, a Hindi film Muqaam was released on 28th April 2022 on the Hungama OTT platform. The film is a social crime genre Directed, written, screenplay, dialogue, and story by Umaa Prakash Tiwari. The film is produced by Ravi Sharma
The social crime drama Muqaam is inspired by the daily news stories of love and betrayal which we come across in society. Society has almost become insensitive towards these issues because of the sheer frequency and the feeling of a false sense of security that it is not going to happen to them or their dear ones.
The story revolves around - Disha, Tahir, Chandu, Zoya & Salim, etc. Disha is a small-town, next-door girl. She is an orphan raised by her grandfather. Her grandfather wants to see her happily married to a good guy before he retires but Disha has plans of her own.
She is in love with Tahir and is ready to take any measure for getting married to him. Tahir is an auto driver and a small-time criminal which Disha is unaware of. He along with his friend Chandu commits crimes to make some quick bucks on the side. Meanwhile, Disha and Tahir met Salim. She is an innocent girl, whose dreams get shattered because of her blind faith.
Will she be able to come out of this whirlpool or will she bear the brunt of her single mistake, her blind faith? Will she get a second chance, or will she be the collateral damage? The movie will soon be out to answer these questions. The film is starring Sandeep Bose, Prabhakar Srinet and Nidhi Pandey in the lead role. Along with them Mahendra Sriwas, Aditi Awasthi, Nityanand Panday, Neelam Pandey, Alok Chatterjee and Balmukund Tripathi in various roles.
The executive producer is Akhilesh ray, the cinematography is A Vell Murugan & Santosh Pal, the editor is Virat Gupta, the Costumes by Archana Khanna, the Background Score by Anup Roopnagwar and the Action by Dilip Yadav. The film is set against the backdrop of Mumbai and Ayodhya. The audience response is quite overwhelming post-release of the film.
Director Uma Prakash Tiwari quoted " I am happy that my film Muqaam is appreciated by the audience, in the time of pandemic when movie business is difficult in cinema halls , digital release is a big relief for independent filmmakers like us. 


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