United Kacche trailer : Sunil Grover is back with another light-hearted, heart-warming series

 United Kacche trailer : Sunil Grover is back with another light-hearted, heart-warming series

United Kacche trailer : Sunil Grover is back with another light-hearted, heart-warming series

ZEE5, India’s largest homegrown OTT platform and multilingual storyteller, released the trailer of its next original series, ‘United Kacche’. A light-hearted dramedy starring Sunil Grover, United Kacche also stars Satish Shah, Sapna Pabbi, Nikhil Vijay, Manu Rishi Chaddha, Nayani Dixit and Neelu Kohli in pivotal roles. Produced by YoodleeFilms and directed by Manav Shah, the 8-episodic series will premiere of ZEE5 on 31st March and will mark the return of Sunil Grover after his last successful series on ZEE5, Sunflower.

United Kacche is the story of Tejinder ‘Tango’ Gill (played by Sunil Grover) from Punjab who aspires to migrate to a foreign land for a better life and is willing to go to any extent to fulfil this dream that he inherited from his father and grandfather. Out of desperation, hegives his ancestral land as collateral in-lieu of getting a chance to move to England and do any make-shift work but grass is always greener on the other side, and soon after moving to UK, he realises the difficulties faced by an immigrant in another country.

United Kacche uncovers the story of many such Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi citizens who are not permanent residents of England and are thus known as Kacche. They settle abroad as illegal immigrants without legitimate paperwork, living a hand to mouth life on daily wages while constantly hiding from the authorities. The show beautifully captures the nuances and difficulties of these immigrants in foreign lands with a light-hearted comedy. It also takes you into the lives of people from different nationalities living abroad together and becoming each other’s family. With comedy at its core, the series alsocaptures theheart-warming emotions, dreams and desires versus the reality of living abroad in a humorous and an entertaining manner.



United Kacche trailer

Sunil Grover “After the success of Sunflower, I am happy to partner with ZEE5 again for United Kacche, with the hope and anticipation that our audience will shower us with as much love for our new series as well. The title of the series is significant and conveys so much about the show and its concept – firstly, the series is based in London and so, we shot in UK extensively to keep the look and the feel of the show as authentic as possible; secondly, Kacche signifies an illegal immigrant residing in a foreign country without legitimate paperwork trying to become a legal citizen and thirdly; united also conveys the unification of all illegal immigrants from different countries and religions who become one family as they are undergoing the same struggle so even in this series, you will see an Indian man, a Pakistani couple and a Bangladeshi duo live together in unison. In a gist, United Kacche is a slice-of-life situational comedy with relatable characters and their everyday struggle in a foreign land”.

‘United Kacche’will exclusively stream on ZEE5 from 31st March


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