My tears would flow naturally”, says Upasana Singh about her character in Masoom

My tears would flow naturally”, says Upasana Singh about her character in Masoom
In a daughter’s quest to unearth the truth, who can she trust when her family wishes to hide the truth under the garb of love and protection? After topping the chart with some fantastic thriller shows, Disney+ Hotstar is ready to pack a punch with another nail-biting psychological thriller, Masoom.
Set in Falauli, Punjab, the series will unfold the unspoken truths that cloud the lives of the Kapoor family, where complex relationship dynamics change with time and ambition. The six-episode series, releasing on 17th June, will see the digital series debut of the indelibly talented actor Boman Irani and rising star Samara Tijori showing another side of the coin of a complex father-daughter relationship.
We have heard of stories on how actors get into the skin of their characters. Upasana Singh has been a part of numerous projects and has delivered praiseworthy performance. The character of Gunwant from her upcoming Disney+ Hotstar series, Masoom has been an interesting one. Upasana narrates her experience in her own words.
Upasana Singh said , “This is a very serious role, and for actors to do such characters they need to go to the depth of it. I guess for me it wasn't that difficult because I come from a theatre background and I have done such roles in the past and Whenever I do something like this, I do it with my heart. Masoom is a series where I didn't have to use glycerine.
I was so indulged in my dialogues that tears would come on their own, whether it is first shot or 7th, because sometimes if there is a scene of sorrow or something like that, the actors would use glycerine but with Gunwant's character it was different. I could feel that role so much that tears would come on their own, and as I said before my body doesn't work in the show, so whenever my shot was over or we had a cut, it would take me some time to come out my character and then shake my hand or move my legs to feel that they move.”
Hotstar Specials’ Masoom, directed by Mihir Desai and helmed by Gurmmeet Singh as the showrunner, is an Indian rendition of the award-winning Irish series Blood, exploring family ties and deception after losing a loved one.
The show is produced under the Dreamers & Doers Co. banner, a premium content studio owned by Reliance Entertainment. Joining the lead cast will be Manjari Fadnis, Veer Rajwant Singh, Upasana Singh, and Manurishi Chaddha, amongst others. The series also features a soulful soundtrack composed by the famous Anand Bhaskar Collective.
Tune into Disney+ Hotstar to discover the story of the Kapoors on 17th June 2022

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