Aarya season 2 review: The tigress Sushmita Sen fights back

Aarya season 2 review: The tigress Sushmita Sen fights back

What: Aarya season 2 review - Jai ‘Mata’ Di, Don,t mess with a mother, Ram Madhvani’s second season of the terrific Aarya season 1 is a more profoundly human crime drama that leaves a strong impression.

OTT web series Aarya season 2 synopsis

Aarya Sareen (Sushmita Sen) is safe and under police vigil away from the eyes of the Russians. The prime witness of the case against the murder of her husband   Tej Sareen (Chandrachur Singh) is forced to leave the police protection and giver her statement in Indian Court.

Aarya arrives in court and her statement shocks the police and her lawyer, Aarya is now under the scanner of Police, The Russians, her own family and father of arch rival Shekhawat played by Akash Khurana.

Shekhawat senior wants to avenge his son’s death. What happens next?


OTT web series Aarya season 2 review

Aarya season 2 takes full advantage of its last success and Sushmita Sen’s solid talent and appeal to churn a profoundly human sequel to the GodFather meets Mahabharata original Aarya 1.

Aarya created by Ram Madhvani and helmed by the Neerja and Dhamaka fame filmmaker along with Sandeep Modi and Vinod Rawat doesn,t go back much to the season 1 and moves further.

A perfect slow burner that like the first season maintains a fine sense of balance in its thrills, drama, family bonding, love, betrayal and more.

We all have missed Sushmita Sen for long before Aarya and in season 2 the actress earns more respect for her controlled subtlety and added nuances showing her growth from a worried vulnerable mother to a fierce tigress who can go all out to protect her children – her family.

The other characters come with interesting turns where Sangram (Ankur Bhatia very good) as the brother finds himself trapped. Vikas Kumar (fantastic) the cop investigating the case going through a personal trauma and finding him caught between morality and duty.

Maya Sarao (sincere) as a friend pious to her commitment, so is Vishwajeet Pradhan (leaves his mark once again) as a trusted toughie of Shekhawat who gets an interesting shade.

Ditto for Sikander Kher (outstanding dobara) as Daulat – true picture of loyalty and duty getting an extra dose of humanity this time.

Special mention for Geentanjali Kulkarni as the cop, Jayant Kripalani as the failed father, Sugandha Garg the lover of Sangram is a must.

Akash Khurana is impressive and Sohaila Kapur as the mother of Aarya has something very interesting.

It would have been easy for Ram Madhvani and co to have allowed Aarya in the season 2 to transform into a superwoman overnight.

There were enough situations in the script for her to do so but the makers resists that path and develop a realistic attitude that does have its sparks of spontaneity but that’s healthy.

The pace is steady making sure that the audience never loses interest.

Final words

In short, Aarya season 2 is an emotional follow up that respects its last success and Sushmita Sen’s solid talent and appeal to churn a profoundly human sequel to the God Father meets Mahabharata original Aarya 1 that gives ode to Motherhood and power of a woman.


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