College Romance Season 3 review: The latest season has a "been here, seen there" vibe

College Romance Season 3: The latest season has a "been here, seen there" vibe and doesn't particularly entice you

College Romance Season 3 review: The latest season has a "been here, seen there" vibe

What: College Romance Season 3 doesn't particularly entice you.

OTT web series College Romance Season 3 review

TVF is known for its originality and fresh concepts and its remarkable ventures like Panchayat, Kota Factory, Tripling, Permanent Roommates and Gullak are the cult shows that carry it's reputable legacy. College Romance has its own share of fan base but while it tries to be a wannabe Dil Chahta Hai, it fails to embrace its soul.

However, it qualifies to be a strictly decent sequel that chronicles the bonds of friendship and relationships that are put into litmus test through the shackles of long distance woes, fidelity, identity and aspirations. Some of them are broken, some are forged and some heal.


Written by Ashutosh Chaturvedi and directed by Parijat Joshi, the 5 episode series explores the trials and tribulations that a college goer has to undergo to maintain the relationships. There is Bagga( a genuinely sincere Gagan Arora) who's putting so much of hard work to keep his long distance love alive, there is Naira( Apoorva Arora) who is not feeling the sparks in their equation anymore.


And then, there are the perpetually grumpy Shreya Mehta and the loyal 'brother' Keshav Sadhna, all delivering heartfelt performances.

Parijat takes us through their hilarious misadventures that remind us of the 1999 cult comedy American Pie. One such moment that springs a lot of laughter is when Bagga and Naira decide to go for Couple Massage and view each virtually for a 'Happy Ending'.


But in the process, it gets trite and tiring. With a recurring vibe of been here and seen there, the show somehow lacks the originality, a couple of funny sequences notwithstanding.


Final Words

What works to its benefit is that they are fast paced and limited to 30 minute runtime each.

Despite the fact that it revolves solely around partying and more partying in restaurants, or even their college canteen.

Dialogues are sometimes crass and scatological. You might not like them but that's the way some college boys actually speak!

I go with 3 stars out of 5 for College Romance Season 3. It's streaming on Sony LIV.


Rating : 3/5

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