Comicstaan Season 3 : "Seasoned with inventive humor and laced with imaginative hilarity"

Comicstaan Season 3 : "Seasoned with inventive humor and laced with imaginative hilarity"
With the most popular internet breakout star, Kusha Kapila, marking her debut as the host in the latest season of the stand up comedy series Comicstaan, the buzz was naturally high for this Amazon Prime video show. 
In this installment, Abish Mathew turns up as the co-host and the judges troop comprises Zakir Khan, Sumukhi Suresh, Neeti Palta and Kenny Sebastian.And there is an array of immaculately talented comedians - a homogeneous mix of boys and girls pan India.
The show begins with the anecdotal round with the special mentor Rahul Subramanian who opens with the concept.The humor is sharp and inventive, soaked with the self-deprecating gags which has the judges and the audience in splits. I particularly admired the honest feedback and scorings by the judges. They do encourage and motivate all the participants to do even better, without losing the dash of objectivity.
It gains more momentum and deeper as we move on to the topical round wit the mentor being the comedy tuition teacher Sapan Verma. Especially, the Chandigarh contestant Gurleen Pannu had me in splits with her wildly animated antics! Do watch out for her.
The show gets even wilder with the Improv round where the contestants team up as 2 groups and are given random things to perform impromptu. This is the best part of the series.Trying to be funny on the spot is an herculean and daunting job , but these newbies perform with elan and the mentoring comes from the multifaceted Aadar Malik.
As i moved on to the next episode with Anu Menon, I was completely sold into it. The next set gets even more challenging and arduous but the contestants never lose even an iota of zeal and spirit.
Each of the episodes span to one hour but there is not a single moment of boredom. The judges do a terrific job in establishing an intimate and lived in world of the situations narrated by the comedians.

It's a series worth binge-watching and making your weekend hilarious!  I go with 4 stars.

Rating : 4/5

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