Dom Season 1 review: An ambitiously epic roller coaster

Dom Season 1 review: An ambitiously epic roller coaster

What: Amazon’s first Brazilian original OTT web series Dom is an engaging roller coaster ride revolving a father his son, those drug lords, police and Brazil


Dom Season 1 synopsis

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Based on the real-life events of Victor Lomba- a young scuba diver turned military intelligence agent fighting the war on drugs. Dom season 1 is an eight-episodesaga of Victor (Flavio Tolezani) a cop in Rio de Janeiro fighting an age long war against cocaine trafficking. Victor the scuba driver turned secret agent’s war on drugs becomes more intense and tough as his 18-year-oldson Pedro Dom (Gabriel Leone) turns into an adrenaline junkie who just cannot control his addiction for cocaine and turns into one of the most wanted burglars in Rio de Janeiro. Will Victor and Pedro cross path?. How will Victor continue his fight with the drug mafia when his own son is terribly caught by cocaine addiction and has turned into a criminal.


OTT web series Dom Season 1 review


With Dom Season 1 Amazon Prime Video makes a big dent in the South/Latin America zone/region. Dom – Amazon’s first original Brazilian series is an epic crime drama launched worldwide in more than 240 countries and territories in multiple languages. Available in India in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, Dom produced by Brazil’s renowned production house Conspiracao.

Creator Breno Silveira (Two Sons of Francisco) Dom is significant for its scale, scope, ambition and confidence.

No way it looks like a series, its shot as a big screen entertainer.

The writers Higia Ikeda, Fábio Mendes, Carolina Neves and Marcelo Vindicato create an adrenaline rush of a gripping epic crime thriller twined with father son emotions and coining with the drug mafia in Rio de Janeiro.

Its vibrant, dark, action packed, emotionally touching, romantically intimate& nostalgic ride.

Every episode is an hour long and the pitting of father v/s son reminded me of Bollywood sagas based on the same theme but it the image of Ramesh Sippy’s 1982 crime drama Shakti starring the thespian Dilip Kumar and the magnificent Amitabh Bachchanflashed immediately into my mind. The plight of DCP Ashwini Kumar (Dilip Kumar) in Shakti is similar to the pain Victoris going through in Dom.

The love and the bonding the father and son - Pedro and Victor amidst all the complexities and crises, chaos and suffering is the major highlight.

The writing is gripping and narration is engaging right from the word go, its bang on in its emotion and has all the essentials to be a super-hit at least if not a block buster.


Dom Season 1 Performance

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Gabriel Leone as Pedro Dom is brilliant. Flavio Tolezani as Victor Dantas is outstanding

Filipe Bragança as young Victor Dantasis charming

Raquel Villar as Jasmin is ravishing

Mariana Cerrone is fantastic.

Digão Ribeiro as Ármario is fab

Laila Garinis very impressive.

Isabella Santoni is fabulous.

Ramon Francisco as LicoPerdo’s childhood friend is excellent.



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Production values are first rate. Cinematography by Leo Resende Ferreira, Daniel Primo and Adrian Teijido are colourfully vivid superbly capturing the atmosphere. Editing by Renato Itaboray is smooth. Art Direction byClaudio Amaral Peixoto is apt.


Scene that should be deleted at once from Dom Season 1

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None. Still giving you an unsolicited advice for use of drugs and intimate love making scenes and nudity. Make sure no one below 18 is around while you are watching.


Dom Season 1 Final Words

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Dom Season 1 is a super hit opening of Amazon Prime first Brazilian series. It’s an ambitiously epic roller coaster filled with action, passion and riveting performances. Perfect binge watch.


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