Duranga season 2 review : Twisty, Intriguing, Suspensful and Creepy

Duranga season 2 review: Twisty, Intriguing, Suspenseful and Creepy

Duranga season 2 review: Twisty, Intriguing, Suspenseful and Creepy

What: Duranga season 2 - the sequel imbibes the soul and spirit of its predecessor and makes it a thrilling watch!

Duranga season 2 synopsis

Duranga 2 ticks off from where its predecessor had concluded. The season 1 had ended at a cliff-hanger with the emergence of a new character - the real Sammit Patel (Amit Sadh) who gains prominence in the second season that navigates myriad twists and turns when he gets out from coma. This season viewers witness intense drama as the story travels through a chilling murder case and chase to catch the real accomplice of the serial killer.

The Sarangwadi killings are back – the police team headed by Ira (Drashti Dhami) find a similar pattern in the recent killing of sex worker and the ones done by Bala Bani (Zakir Hussain) in the past. Meanwhile, Sammit’s parents, played by Rajesh Khattar and Divya Seth, urge him to relocate to Canada as they are very wary of his psychopathic tendencies. And hell breaks loose when he enters into Abhishek Bani’s life and family by targeting his daughter, Anya (Hera Mishra) who is bullied in school and exhibits a similar violent retaliation streak.


Duranga season 2 review

Duranga unfolds as a daring cocktail of suspenseful drama and emotional conflicts. While the absence of the late director, Pradeep Sarkar, is deeply felt, showrunner Goldie Behl and director Rohan Sippy conjure an equally intriguing world with twisty characters and a throbbing emotional landscape. The showdown between Gulshan and Amit exudes a sense of tension and urgency as they strive to reclaim their identities. The mood is further accentuated by a compelling score from Ripul Sharma.

Surreptitiously sinking into the skin of the wicked and sinister, Gulshan Devaiah nails the layered and complex part. I particularly enjoyed his dynamics with the crime vlogger (played by Abhijeet Khandedkar) who has a connection with his past. Devaiah is very articulate and highly reliable when it comes to portray grey shades. It wouldn't be wrong to say that Duranga rests on his able shoulders.

In this season, Sadh complements Devaiah by portraying an equally creepy and menacing role. The actor embraces the negative part wholeheartedly, dives even deeper into the psyche of this character, exploring the twisted motivations and unveils the secrets that lie beneath the surface.

Both are surrounded with an equally reliable ensemble of actors. Drashti Dhami, besides looking resplendent with her radiant eyes, plays the cop with an unmistakable sincerity. Abhijeet plays his part with a seasoned and endearing confidence. Divya Seth, Rajesh Khatter and Zakir Hussain do justice to their roles.

Duranga season 2 – final words

I haven't seen Flower of Evil but i enjoyed Duranga Season 2. It is a well packaged crime thriller that you would relish and love to binge watch.

‘Duranga Season 2’ premieres exclusively on ZEE5 from 24th October 2023


Rating : 4/5

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