Ghar Waapsi review: genuinely heartwarming and rooted coming of age

Ghar Waapsi review: genuinely heartwarming and rooted coming of age

Ghar Waapsi review: genuinely heartwarming and rooted coming of age

What: Disney+Hotstar’s Ghar Waapsi is a genuinely heartwarming and rooted coming of age by Ruchir Arun.

OTT web series Ghar Waapsi synopsis

28-year old Shekhar (Vishal Vashishtha) the eldest son of The Dwivedis, a family of five – a typical middle-class family that you will find in your neighborhood, is headed by Ratanlal Dwivedi (Atul Srivastava) a foodie who runs a travel agency. Shekhar is a smart, ambitious, go getter working as a product manager in the buzzing IT hub Bangalore.

Suddenly one day, Shekhar loses his job and is forced to come back to his home town Indore in MP. The Dwivedis include the younger son Sanju (Saad Bilgrami), the carefree laid back lad, younger sister Suruchi (Anushka Kaushik), bubbly, intelligent and witty. Mother Madhuvanti (Vibha Chibber) is a teacher who loves singing on social media apps.

Shekhar hides the truth and says he has come for a break, however Shekhar’s job hunting takes more time than expected and the delay opens up some secrets about Shekhar and The Dwivedis as a whole.

How will Shekhar and his family come to terms with their challenges?


OTT web series Ghar Waapsi review

Disney + Hotstar

Disney Hotstar’s answer to Sony LIV’s Gullak and Prime Video’s Panchayat from Indore.

Ruchir Arun’s Ghar Waapsi is a slice of life family drama, a rooted coming of age that has characters from our everyday life.

Ruled by simplicity and conviction, Ruchir Arun’s a slice of life wrapped in a family homecoming drama that comes of age collectively.

The characterization and situations are from day to routine that tackles the struggles and aspirations of people in a family in search of space, identity.

A story of dream, aspiration, choices and more, Ghar Waapsi is filled with life, the six episode series also highlights the insecurities in the corporate world, the mad race and pressure that brings money but takes away family and life.

The pathos of parents whose children are abroad is also touched upon. Ghar Waapsi is also about friendship and finding purpose the character of the US return cafe owner (modeled on Aamir Khan) and Shekhar’s friend played by Ajitesh Gupta adds value.

The best part of Ghar Waapsi is the attention given to the stories of Sanju (Saad Bilgrami), the dilemma of Suruchi (Anushka Kaushik) and the solid bonding of The Dwivedis.     


Vishal Vashishtha excels. Vibha Chibber is outstanding. Atul Srivastava is so natural. Saad Bilgrami is fabulous. Anushka Kaushik is fantastic. Ajitesh Gupta makes his mark. Akanksha Thakur makes an impression.



Ghar Waapsi is ruled by predictability. It was going smoothly nicely as a family entertainer; the sudden use of foul language was uncalled for. There was no need. Kyu baba kyu.. OTT hai isliye…


Final words

Ghar Waapsi is genuinely heartwarming and rooted coming of age that explores the family ties of an middle class Indian household, it’s ruled by emotions and it’s a overwhelming welcome coming home/slice of life saga that should not be missed.




Rating : 3.5/5

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