Girls Hostel 3.0 Review - Worth investing in the fun, friendship and freedom of the feisty, crusader girls

Girls Hostel 3.0 Review
The success of the previous seasons of TVF's Girl's Hostel has propelled the makers to extend the franchise that revolves around the spunky girls of SVM Dental College
Get ready for an exciting and fun ride as Ahsaas Channa, Srishti Shrivastava, Simran Natekar and Parul Gulati team up for another entertaining season of Girls Hostel.With the universe getting bigger and broader, the dynamics between the girls where the navigate the role of being seniors in the hostel and the issues they deal with on a day to day basis also gets more complex.
This time Arunabh Kumar takes the back seat to handle the production duties and Hanish D Kalia directs the 6-episode series with each of then coasts along nicely within a span of 30 minutes running time.What's worth investing is the characters' backstories, adding layers to the narratives and the conversations that we don't hear usually.Season 3 explores more than just the fun and the friendship - the murky politics in the student's body elections and LGBTQ, there by hitting the right spot of the multi faceted stinging realities of life, which make us feel uncomfortable.
Girls Hostel extensively talks about the rights to breathe, and women’s agency. There is a monologue scene involving Zahira(Parul Gulati) where she talks about it. It's profound and cathartic.Today’s generation has a lot on its plate, with the internet and competition. We comparatively had an easy life. Amid all this chaos, we need a moment to ourselves. For her, breathing means a moment to yourself amid the madness.  
At the same time, Shristi Srivastava's Jo is a kind of dekko with respect to her character she played in Maja Maa. A bohemian, a crusader underlined with strong streaks of feminism and liberty of women. She is confident and instantly connects.
Ahsaas Channa plays the most freaked out character here. She plays Richa with elan.But at times, Girls Hostel 3.0 goes overboard with the social messaging and some of the characters who are outrageous and weird. For example, the hostel warden. She is a complete bizarre! Amidst the chaos, the focus on studies and dentistry takes a back seat. Unreasonable!

On the whole, Girls Hostel 3.0 is good to indulge in the voices that the spunky and feisty girls raise and want to be heard.
I go with 3 stars out of 5. The show is streaming on Sony LIV from 25 November 2022.

Rating : 3/5

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