Humble Politiciann Nograj review: A sarcastic slap-stick devotee's true delight

Humble Politiciann Nograj review: A sarcastic slap-stick devotee's true delight.

What: Danish Sait’s Humble Politiciann Nograj the follow up of his 2018 Humble Politiciann Nograj movie on Voot Select is a delight almost like a dream coming true for a lover of sarcastic, slap stick comedies.

OTT web series Humble Politiciann Nograj synopsis

Its Kar Nataka I mean Karnataka. Nograj (Danish Sait) – the icon for self-obsessed fake-humble politician from that fabricated OBP party has fallen way short of majority, so is that opposition fake All Secular party led by Prakash Belawadi which has fallen short of three MLA’s. The once dominant family led party has no existence but still can turn tables.

Nograj starts playing his quirky and dirty games which turned hilarious and outrageously funny that exposes the unethical horse-trading practice in Indian political system to gain majority in the name of Democracy.

OTT web series Humble Politiciann Nograj review

Those who loved the 2018 movie will feel right at home with this mad crazy Nograj Danish Sait (with a kaddu inside his petu - means pumpkin inside his stomach).

Yograj the inept and utterly untrustworthy chap to enter in the Vidhan Sauda oops Vidhan Sabha.


Humble Politiciann Nograj is full of hilarity and fun, the series reminded me of one of Basu Chatterjee's refined and one of my personal favourite TV work Kakaji Kahin (1988) a political satire starring Om Puri in principal. The satirical TV series was based on renowned author Manohar Shyam Joshi book called Netaji Kahin. There is no comparison between the two am just highlighting the mindset behind.

The execution is a mix of parody, slap stick comedy with quirks and local feel. Its radical but not that raunchy.

Saad Khan successfully creates a funny joy ride that displays the treachery, dying morality, respect of the parliament and parliamentarians. Names have been changed but the obvious dig is targeted at politicians and the political scenario we see nowadays.

The plot flies at will but everywhere we experience a laugh, or a tickle with some hearty ones as well.

Danish Sait is superb and earns every praise.

Prakash Belawadi is pure brilliance.

Vinay Chendoor is such a delight. Disha Madan is fantastic as the reporter of a news service literally named ‘paid’.

The talented Gulak fame Geetanjali Kulkarni as the party president and Tiku Talsania as the PM are wonderful as well.


Final words

By all means if you are a lover of spoof, quirky slap - stick political satire and are okay with some cuss words then treat yourself with Humble Politiciann Nograj on Voot from Jan 06 2022 onwards. It's zany entertainment and instead of brains ( you need them to understand the jokes/ pun in the series intended or unintended), keep your political liaisons if any outside while binge watching Humble Politiciann Nograj.


Rating : 4/5

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