Hunter Tootega Nahin Todega review : Sunil Shetty's badass cop breaks bones in this high octane crime drama

Hunter Tootega Nahin Todega review : Sunil Shetty's badass cop breaks bones in this high octane crime drama

Hunter Tootega Nahin Todega review : Sunil Shetty's badass cop breaks bones in this high octane crime drama

What: If Pushpa was Jhukega Nahin Saala, Hunter's ACP Vikram Sinha (played by the sizzling Suniel Shetty) tootega nahin, todega saala.

Hunter Tootega Nahin Todega synopsis

Sunil Shetty plays a badass cop who takes up 'hunting' down side assignments of tracking missing persons that comes with a price tag. Vikram Sinha is unprecedentedly caught in a quagmire of deceits when he is framed for the murder of an old lady, Leena David (Smita Jayakar, seen after a hiatus) who happened to be his own assignment given by a mysterious girl.

Sinha, who is fighting his own demons of life after the death of his daughter, a bitter divorce (wife played by Barkkha Bisht) and a damaged kidney, embarks on a relentless and fearless mission to excavate the truth in the dark alleys of the crime infested 'maximum city', with the help of a journo, Divya (Esha Deol) and his mettle cop(Karanvir Sharma)while his nemesis Hooda, an irreverent cop (played by Rahul Dev) is hot on his wheels.


Hunter Tootega Nahin Todega review

Hunter, produced by the digital wing of SareGama Entertainment- Yoodlee Films and directed by Prince Dhiman and Alok Batra, offers you a plethora of twists and turns with loads of heavy duty action. It's great to see Anna after a long time in his favorite action avatar breaking bones and spewing bullets. A thing that he has honed in the last thirty years in the Industry. The action is wisely choreographed with the 'rock' renditions of yesteryear's hits - Rang Barse, Rafta Rafta, Dum Maaro Dum etc. Intact, I loved the titles of the episodes named after these songs!

In his path of redemption and rage, you will encounter a lot of blood, brutality and profanity in this 8 episode series - the indispensable paraphernalia of the OTT space these days. But Shetty also offers you some relief with his quirky antics and witty humor. Notice him in the sequence where he beats up his own hacker boy and struggles to say a sorry, and the one where he hoodwinks a rookie cop Dawde, deficient of flesh in his body.

While his musculature is still intact at 60+,give him a gun, a jacket and a bike and he is terrifically badass and with that chiseled physic and long locks looks cool and dapper even in this age!.

Rahul Dev looks menacing and sports a quintessential 'Haryanvi' accent that glosses his bad boy, nimble-witted and bent copper persona.

The actresses’ brigade comprising Esha Deol and Barkha Bist is quite underwhelming. They serve mere token presences in his male dominated high-on-testosterone drama. Hunter's extended caste comprises Mihir Ahuja, Siddharth Kher, Pawan Chopra and Teena Singh.

Plus Jackie Shroff in a very special appearance is another good surprise and ‘Apna Bidu’ is in his known element.

I go with 3.5 stars out of 5 for Hunters.

Streaming free on Amazon Mini TV from 22nd March 2023.

Pls note: The series is A rated with scenes of violence, foul language and brutality at places.


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