Inside Edge 3 review: passionately delivered, well paced & intense

Inside Edge 3 review: passionately delivered, well paced & intense

What: Inside Edge 3 review – The Vivek Oberoi, Richa Chadha starrer created by Karan Anshuman and directed by Kanishk Varma handsomely cover drives the Season 2 ‘wrong one’ for a well deserved and finely struck boundary. Inside Edge 3 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Inside Edge 3 review synopsis

The Roy Commission is investigating the PPL team Mumbai Mavericks' involvement in match-fixing and betting.

Survived by the attack by Bhaisaab (Aamir Bashir), Vikrant Dhawan ((Vivek Oberoi) is wounded and furious to take revenge.

The game begins and this time things get personal for Bhaisaab and people associated with Bhaisaab and Vikrant.


OTT web series Inside Edge 3 review

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Beginning with bang on target, the narration moves in the to and fro format where the story takes a nostalgic dive and peeps further into the behavior of the characters that take snaky turns.

Ruled by never ending passion and the hidden agenda to make amends of the not so favorable response of the season 2, in cricketing terms saying missing to hit a boundary from a full length bat pitch delivery, Inside Edge season 3 keeps it intense and well paced.

This time the director Kanishk Varma and creator Karan Anshuman who has also co-written the screenplay with Neeraj Udhwani play seamlessly well with India’s most favorite sport – cricket which is like a religion and a crime thriller.

Inside Edge Season 3 adds up to the bar set in her first episode with a slick, rousing, entertaining and exciting 10 episodes that has multiple sub plots and layers.

Engagingly maintains the focus on the power struggle, the dirt on cricket, morality, humanity, politics, friendship, rivalry, brotherhood, freedom, bondage, love, betrayal, sacrifice, pride etc etc.


Inside Edge 3 performances

Amazon Prime Video/Excel Entertainment

The performances are top notch

Vivek Oberoi is excellent. This man is at his best on screen when he is bad.

Aamir Bashir is outstanding.

Richa Chadha is fantastic and in the later parts gets the opportunity to show her range.

Tanuj Virwani shines.

Sayani Gupta is amazing.

Sapna Pabbi is fabulous.

Akshay Oberoi gets a chance to showcase his shades during his vulnerable stages when he struggles with his gay identity.

Sidhant Gupta gets a solid role and he gives full justice.

Amit Sial is one of those actors who don’t go wrong and here he has a surprise.

Ankur Rathee is marvelous.

Sunny Hinduja is charming




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Suffers by showing things right at face without proper establishment and marred by unnecessary urge to be sensational that masturbation scene for example. Inside Edge season 3 at times doubts its OTT status and goes ‘OTT’ (over the top). Filmy in simple terms.


Final words

Amazon Prime Video/Excel Entertainment

Love cricket, crime thrillers, and dramas and/or enjoyed Inside Edge 1st season then season 3 offers the perfect pitch to bat on (read binge on). Going with a more generous 4, extra for that thrilling India v/s Pakistan test match. Yes a thrilling ‘test’ match.


Rating : 4/5

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