Jee Karda review: A relatable take on friendship and modern-day relationships.

Jee Karda review: A relatable take on friendship and modern-day relationships.

Jee Karda review: A relatable take on friendship and modern-day relationships.

What: With the advent of OTT, we have seen a plethora of relationship dynamics – bromance, BFFs, friends with Benefits etc. Jee Karda, helmed by Arunima Sharma under Maddock Films, offers you a heady cocktail of all of them. It takes us on a ride filled with fun, drama, and emotions capturing the life of seven childhood friends who are different from each other yet deeply connected.

From experiencing life together, falling in love, making mistakes, and even having their hearts crushed, they learn that even the finest friendships and relationships cannot be flawless.

Jee Karda movie synopsis

Rishab (Suhail Nayyar) proposes to Lavanya (Tamannaah Bhatia), his long-time girlfriend. Their school friends join the wedding celebrations, but complications arise, and relationships take an intriguing twist.

It acts as a refresher course for films like Veere Di Wedding and Adajania’s– Cocktail etc, where the protagonists are riddled with self-doubt and commitment phobia. Sample this, Rishab is tipped by his friend that Marriage is like a confectioner who prepares a perfect sweet by blending all ingredients – sugar, butter, cheese and dry fruits. An excited Rishab proposes marriage in drunken stupor, only to be overwhelmed with guilt the next morning. 

Jee Karda review

It is not that Jee Karda offers us a novelty value, but directors Arunima Sharma and Homi Adajania empathically gaze at the myriad dilemmas that the characters face in the course of their tangled lives and the emotions they navigate look very authentic and relatable. Providing a very urban treatment to Hussain Dalal and Abbas Dalal’s writing, Sharma’s execution triumphs with generous dose of drama, glamour, and humor, supplemented with a catchy music from Sachin Jigar and an impressive cinematography by Mahendra Shetty, capturing the verve of the metropolis.

It gets more and more real by providing a prism to every character’s quandary. Rish and Luv have a problem with their wavelengths – Lavu feels that she has taken every decision of her life in the grip of fear. Arjun Gill, AG the OG played by Aashim Gulati is an outrageous Punjabi pop sensation, who cocoons his feelings with a façade of sex, alcohol and drug abuse. Dalal plays the loser boy, Shahid Ausar, with panache. He is a school teacher grappling to express his true feelings for the principal’s nephew, Aaayat Merchant (played by Kira Narayanan).




Dalal and co-writer Arunima’s sensibilities permeate through the psyche of the millennials and catch their pulse – how they react to situations and their F-word loaded lingo. Malhar and Samvedna, who play a Gujarati couple, crave for sexual intimacy and privacy which is invaded by the former’s family in the crammed 2 BHK. It has become an unwritten norm for freedom of expression and creative liberty to depict LGBTQ in every show and Jee Karda succumbs to this trend as well. Sayaan Banerjee plays Melroy who is a gay in relationship with a man having commitment issues.

The writing is layered and coated with maturity. Jee Karda is enriched with first rate performances. We also get to see some senior actors in crackling form – Dolly Ahluwalia, Simone Singh and Rajesh Khattar.

The episodes coast along nicely, each with 30 minutes runtime and studded with bold and provocative content – please don’t watch with children. You are zoned into a space where conversations around menopause, orgy, PMS, libido are cool and intercourse is referenced as an alien invasion into the amazon. 


 I go with 3.5 stars out of 5 for Jee Karda. The 8-episode series is streaming on Amazon Prime Video from 15th June 2023. 

Rating : 3.5/5

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