Kafas review: Convincingly performed unconvincing social drama

Kafas review: Convincingly performed unconvincing social drama

Kafas review: Convincingly performed unconvincing social drama

What: Kafas - Sharman Joshi, Mona Singh, Vivan Bhathena and Mikhail Gandhi starrer social drama by Sahil Sangha has a grippingly relevant story at heart but the script and execution lack the substance and spine needed to make it a solidly powerful social drama.

Kafas synopsis

Sunny Vashisht (Mikail Gandhi) teenage son of Raghav Vashisht (Sharman Joshi) and Seema Vashisht (Mona Singh) belonging to Mumbai’s middle-class society, suddenly sees a better future. The reason is Sunny who gets a life-changing career opportunity to act with the current superstar Vikram Bajaj (Vivan Bhatena) in an upcoming spy action thriller.

Unfortunately, Sunny is going through a trauma, he has been molested by the superstar and his family is under pressure to keep quiet on the horrific incident.


Kafas review

Kafas is an example on how to ruin a potential best seller with a confused and muddled screenplay. Director Sahil Sangha and writer Karan Sharma had murdered the that vital strand in its poorly explained middle class economic crises, unnecessary subplot of Raghav Vashisht (Sharman Joshi) and his ex-wife Meghna (Mona Vasu).

The core issue of the molestation takes a serious beating in this six-episode series when the parents Raghav Vashisht (Sharman Joshi) and Seema Vashisht (Mona Singh) comprise under greed and lose all the sympathy from the viewers.    

The writer director Karan Sharma and Sahil Sangha may have tried to highlight the socio-economic angle in its morality debate but it falls flat as the price which the parents pay is utterly unconvincing.

They do fight back but the reason is not all convincing which makes the parents greedy and very vulnerable.


Acting is of high standards, Sharman Joshi gest into the skin of the character. Mona Singh is very natural. Vivan Bhathena is very effective but Mikhail Gandhi as the teenage boy is just brilliant.

Good support comes from Zarina Wahab, Preeti Jhangiani, Mona Wasu, Tejasvi Singh Ahlawat, Ethan Manjani and Araham Sawant.

Mukesh Chhabra should stick to his casting director’s job only.

Final words

Kafas (roughly means prison, cage) is caught in its own web and it is a great disappointment. The series is streaming on SonyLIV from June, 23, 2023.


Rating : 2/5

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