Love Storiyaan review: A Genuinely Heart – Stringing and Soul Massaging Adage On Love

Love Storiyaan review: A Genuinely Heart – Stringing and Soul Massaging Adage On Love

Love Storiyaan review: A Genuinely Heart – Stringing and Soul Massaging Adage On Love

What: Love Storiyaan is a six-part heart-warming chronicle of real-life love stories, the docu series told through the lens of six directors – Akshay Indikar, Archana Phadke, Collin D’Cunha, Hardik Mehta, Shazia Iqbal, and Vivek Soni.

Love Stooriyan synopsis

Inspired by real-life stories featured on India Love Project, a social media community founded by former journalists Priya Ramani, Samar Halarnkar, and Niloufer Venkatraman. The series consists six inspiring love stories featuring six real-life couples from across the country.

The six stories bring love, hope, happiness, and showcase the triumph against all odds, told through the lens of six directors – Akshay Indikar, Archana Phadke, Collin D’Cunha, Hardik Mehta, Shazia Iqbal, and Vivek Soni.

Love Storiyaan web series review

Created by Somen Mishra, Love Storiyaan is an anthology of six short films. The stories echo the power of love with a chorus, love that has spanned caste, creed, religion, country, gender and much more. Working as a rebel with a cause that shows incredible determination, courage, sacrifice and patience to stay with their beloved fighting against all odds.

Love Stooriyan is a ‘realy’ genuine valentine gift explaining the unbeatable power of love from the arm of the production house known for its flamboyant candy gloss – Dharma Productions. Dharmatic Entertainment Production headed and created by Somen Mishra with Karan Johar, and Apoorva Mehta serving as executive producers.

Let’s take the six shorts one by one


An Unsuitable Girl

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Directed by Hardik Mehta (National Award for Best Non-Feature Film for his 2015 documentary Amdavad Ma Famous) and co - written by Hardik and Mirat Trivedi, An Unsuitable Girl is a love story between forty-year-old divorcee Punjabi woman - Aekta from Delhi having two daughters and a Malayali journalist from Kerala - Ullekh.

A beautifully narrated adage on women empowerment, amalgamation of two cultures, how love conquered the hurdles like linguistic divide, the charming use of pet dogs becoming the bridge and uniting the whole family.


Love On Air

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Directed by Vivek Soni (Meenakshi Sundareshwar) and co-written by the director and Aarsh Vora.

Love on Air is a story of Two Radio Jockeys from Shillong - Nicholas and Rajani, How the rival male and female radio jockeys get connected through a blind mutual admirer.

The male jockey is a Christian and a divorcee with addiction issues while the female jockey is a good-hearted Hindu girl.

The climax will make your eyes moist for sure.




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Directed by Shazia Iqbal (Bebaak) and co-written by herself and Rahul Badwelkar.

This is a classic roller-coaster of emotions between a well to do handsome Hindu boy – Sunit and an intelligent Muslim girl – Farida from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Set during the early seventies when Bangladesh was going through a phase of revolution. The boy loses his families wealth while the girl has to abandon her religion, home, and relatives as they move to Kolkatta in search of better life.

How the couple fight the religious prejudice, how they struggle to survive and face all kinds of hardships and come triumph.

They return to their university and their respective homes as an aged old couple and the reunion is another, tear jerker but what gets underline in bold in Homecoming is the triumph of inter religious love and marriage that stood solid against all the religious prejudice.


Raah Sangharsh Ki

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Now from inter religion to inter caste, Love Storriyan has started its socio-political attack but how subtlety and touchingly.

Director Akshay Indikar is a rebellious tale of lobe between an upper-caste revolutionary man - Rahul Banerjee falling in love with a Dalit revolutionary girl - Subhadra Khaperde, when he sees her confronting the police during a Narmada Bachao Andolan in Madhya Pradesh.

A progressive love story with rebel at its chore, Raah Sanghrash Ki is a great example of the power of love against all odds. The interviews that occasionally come with a dash of feel good humour adds to the chore.



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From religion, caste and now love between an Afghan youth – Homayon and an Indian Hindu girl – Dhanya from Kerala.

Directed by Archana Phadke, and co-written by her and Arya Rothe, the love story begins in Russia where the Indian girl and the Afghan guy meet at college and after friendship love blossoms, they get married.

The Afghan guy has to go back to go back to his county Afghanistan as he has lost communication with his family. The militant regime is at its peak and after a wait, the girl decides to go to Afghanistan to meet him and she gets stuck.

The moments between the guys family in Afghanistan and the girl amidst all the chaos and madness outside touches your heart and fills it with hope.

The girl’s decision after the end of Taliban’s regime will melt your heart.


Love Beyond Labels

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And now from cross boundaries to cross genders.

Directed by Collin D’Cunha and co-written by Soumyajit Ghosh Dastidar, Love Beyond Labels is a triumph of choice, individuality and sexuality.

The love story of a transwoman – Tista and a transman Dipan is genuine and heart touching.


Love Storiyaan – final words

Its real, genuine display of the power of love, its not those Raja Rani ki kahaani, the song dance colourful rom com, its all about love pure love that has fought the religious, caste, barriers, the prejudice in real life.     

Love Storiyaan is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 


Rating : 4/5

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