Pet Puraan review: Breezy

Pet Puraan review: Breezy

Pet Puraan review: Breezy

What: "It rains Cats and Dogs in this breezy show around pet parenting"

OTT web series Pet Puraan review

In the Marathi series Pet Puraan , directed by Dnyanesh Zoting (of Collar Bomb) fame, Sai Tamhankar and Lalit Prabhakar, play Aditi and Atul respectively, a modern-day working couple who do not wish for kids but their traditional families are hell bent on the same.

Poking fun at the conservative beliefs, the 6-episode series navigates the daily quibbles of the couple who retort to having pets so that they can alleviate the tension given by their nagging family members!

Prabhakar, who is a dog lover, decides to adopt a canine while Tamhankar takes the feline route and adopts a pregnant cat. And soon they discover that pet parenting is way too complex and not as easy as they had imagined!

After creating a hostage thriller last year, Zoting and takes a detour and along with co-writer Digant Patil , crafts a light-hearted entertainment on pet parenthood that subtly throws light on the vital aspects of couple's independence and compatibility. But he doesn't make it look preachy.

Yes, the leads' antics does go overboard sometimes when the grapple with the chaos and chores.


Final words


Pet Puraan also benefits significantly from the performances of its lead cast. Sai Tamhankar illustrates confidence and is spontaneous. She did remind of Vidya Balan in many of her shots. This is her second collaboration with Zoting and the comfort level is naturally seen.

Lalit compliments the volatile Sai , bringing in a great degree of balance in their on screen relationship. Atul is the overgrown adolescent and their easy camaraderie, coupled with the natural fussing over the Cat-Dog combo ( the sweet Baku and the Labrador Vyanku) works as the strongest strength for Pet Puraan.

A hilarious Satish Hilakar as their apartment secretary is also noticed amidst the frenzied pet cuddling.

Pet Puraan can be easily relished in one sitting, just like the way Baku and Vyanku attack their plates !


I go with 3.5 stars for Pet Puraan. Produced by Ranjit Gugle for Huge Productions, it is streaming on SonyLIV from 6 May.




Rating : 3.5/5

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