Pop Kaun review: who let this punishably unfunny, ridiculous utter crap out?

Pop Kaun review: who let this punishably unfunny, ridiculous utter crap out?

Pop Kaun review: who let this punishably unfunny, ridiculous utter crap out?

What: Pop Kaun – it will take me ‘seasons’ after seasons to gain the courage to have a popcorn after watching this obnoxious disrespect to humour and talents like Johnny Lever, Saurabh Shukla, late Satish Kaushik, Rajpal Yadav etc and subscribers of Disney+Hotstar (of course).

Pop Kaun synopsis

Sahil Trivedi (Kunal Khemu) is the younger son of Brij Kishore Trivedi (Johnny Lever) an MP from a leading political party. Sahil favorite line is “jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai?” .

Sahil’s love interest Pihu (Nupur Sanon) is Don Karamjit Biswajit Chautala’s aka KBC’s (Saurabh Shukla) beloved daughter.

KBC is very particular about a person’s legacy/roots.

This seems a cake walk for Sahil as his father is a known politician but that’s not the case. Certain incidents leads to unearthing of hidden secrets, Sahil turns out to be an adopted son of Brij Kishore Trivedi.

This leads to a roller costar of confusion and sheer nonsense and torture in the name of slapstick, brainless entertainment that involves the creator writer and director Farhad Samji who plays the older brother Balwan along with Malik (Zakir Hussain), Dr. Kartar Singh (Satish Kaushik), Anthony (Chunky Pandey) and Jamie Lever who plays Sahil’s secret lover.


Pop Kaun review


Frankly speaking, I am not sure which is more freakingly insane. This absurdity in the name of comedy, entertainment by Farhad Samji. The reason behind saying ‘yes’ to this unbearable crap by Johnny Lever, Saurabh Shukla in particular, the people in Disney who green lighted this torturtainment in the name of entertainment. Poor Nupur Sanon deserved a far more respectable debut. What will be Late Satish Kaushik thinking in heaven?

Writer director Farhad Samji with his co writers Tasha Bhambra and Sparsh Khetarpal have set an example on how to make content that gets markedly dumber with every passing minute.

With lines like ‘bolo pencil’ ‘yeh shaadi cancel’ just rhyming without any head or tail, if this was supposed to be a spoof on Bollywood then sorry to say whoever appreciates this as a spoof in my knowledge will be a ‘bewakoof’… spoof bewakoof  sorry Farhad Samjhi – this Pop Kaun of yours is a nightmare.

In fact Pop Kaun is a ‘con’ in the name of comedy – god save Disney Hotstar subscribers.

This is just a tiny example to point out the incredibly low level of humor in Pop Kaun and how structurally, tonally disastrous the whole thing is.

Imagine a comedian gone horribly wrong right from the beginning, the rhythm isn’t there, there is a feel of desperation throughout.

On top of that, when you sense that this could have been a movie originally which didn’t get takers somehow managed to convince the bosses at Disney + Hotstar India, obviously the Disney + Hotstar think tank have not have seen the teaser either forget the final product.

However, a couple of brief spots involving Johnny Lever, Saurabh Shukla and Satish Kaushik work in this 6 episode disaster.

And mind you this is season 1. Torture abhi bakli hai mere dost.


Final words

In Farhad Samji istyle

Bolo plaster


Yeh web series is a huge disaster

Bolo cult


Pop Kaun comedy ke name pe hai insult

On a serious note

Content like Pop Kaun seriously shouts for issuing warning during the opening credits like those in packets of cigarettes and alcohol bottles

Watching this content can be injurious to your sense of humour and health.



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