Pret Boys review: Fascinatingly funny

Pret Boys review: Fascinatingly funny

Pret Boys review: Fascinatingly funny

Horredy, the squeezed-in form of Horror-Comedy, is a very difficult genre to tackle. It requires a tremendous amount of wits, wisdom and artistic prowess to crack this genre and warrant appreciation from the viewer. In the past, very few films like Bhool Bhulaiya, Stree and Bhootnath were able to succeed in this endeavor. And many others have collapsed without a trace. 

But new age filmmakers have been smart – they articulate their stories well with measured doses of humor, hilarity and scares to keep you riveted through the narrative. Pret Boys, helmed by Nisheeth N.Neelkanth, is a cleverly crafted tale about three Gen Z misfits – Prem (Ritik Ghansani), Rajat(Shardul Pandit) and Tatsat (Ahan Nirban)who start a quirky start-up with a motive of busting ghosts! While Prem comes from a line of tantriks, tech geek Tatsat is a paranormal research-enthusiast and desi boy Rajat is the business brain. Their desperate plan of getting money from their distant investor uncle is thwarted, and the gang meets sharp-witted Eisha (Aanchal Munjal), and collide with a dark evil force. With high voltage showdown, and souls separated from body, the Pret Boys end up being the Real Prets and the fun start-up turns into an actual spooky experience.

Pret Boys is developed by Shivam Sharma, Alka Shukla and Nisheeth and the series comprises 10 episodes of around 20 minutes runtime each, coasts along breezily offering you lighthearted entertainment with fun, comedy and jump scares. I particularly enjoyed the writing – it’s funny and ingenious. Sample these lines, “Congratulations, it’s a Ghost!” one of the members of the groups is elated to have found an evil presence. The dialogues (by Shivam) are studded with some interesting terms, like Bhooton ka Shakti Kendra, Gangajal ka boundary…”. Its far better than last year’s Katrina Kaif starrer, the sacrilegious ‘Phone Bhoot’.


Pret Boys final words

Despite some usual hiccups and the show treading into a zone of slog, Pret Boys is immensely watchable. The boys are in good form and perform with confidence with an impressive sense of comic timing and camaraderie. Their banters are real fun to watch. Anchal, whom I remember from Sunny Deol’s Ghayal Once Again, exudes charm and an enthusiastic spirit. Together, they warrant generous amount of chuckles.

I go with 3 stars out of 5 for Pret Boys. The 10-episode series is streaming on Amazon MiniTV web platform.


Rating : 3/5

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