Recommended for you Review: A potential premise let down by weak writing

Recommended for you Review: A potential premise let down by weak writing
Throwing you into the dark side of hazardous impact of online videos and cyber addiction, Drishyam Film's Recommended for you stars Ayush Mehra as Pranav who casually is catching online gaming videos and how his life turns upside down when he inadvertently clicks on a harmful one in the recommended section.
The film kind of reminded me of the 2019 film Game over starred Taapsee Pannu and belonged to the home invasion genre. Recommended for you is an obscure digital invasion drama that shows how dubious hackers can take control of your life.This is a fairly intriguing premise conjured up by directed by in the confines of a room but a sincere Ayush is saddled by weak writing. It squanders the potential of a promising plot, which probably, hints at the cyclic philosophy of Karma.
Pranav who enjoys and derives sadistic pleasure from mishap videos is trapped in the vortex of Karma and becomes the victim of his own obsession. But it's a difficult and risky proposition since he is the only actor and constantly under the scrutiny of the audience. 

I go with 2.5 stars for Shamik Sen Gupta's short film that's streaming on Amazon Mini TV.

Rating : 2.5/5

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