Saas Bahu and Aachar Pvt Ltd. Review: A charming and heartfelt story, powered by a brilliant Amruta Subhash

Saas Bahu and Aachar Pvt Ltd. Review: A charming and heartfelt story, powered by a brilliant Amruta Subhash
One of the many things that I admire in this ZEE5 and TV5 creation is the soothing camaraderie between Suman and Amma, the bahu and saas - played by Amruta Subhash and Yamuna Das respectively.Divorced Suman addresses Amma as Budhiya sometimes in lighter vein,has even saved her number in the same name.Amma, despite staying with her son and new daughter in law pays her a visit frequently.
Saas Bahu aur Aachar Pvt Ltd, created by Arunabh Singh and Apoorv Singh Karki, is centered on Suman who embarks on an ambitious journey of enterpreneurship by selling her home made pickles so that she can win her kids back from her ex-husband ( played by Aman Soni) and there by gain financial security to raise them up.
Karki who has also directed the 6-episode series conjures a lived-in milieu of the bylanes of Purani Dilli and creates unique characters - that feel so relatable.
The beauty of his storytelling lies in the fact that he doesn't antagonize any of them - be it Dilip or his 2nd wife, Manisha (Anjana Sukhani, making her OTT debut). Suman's failed marriage with Dilip is shown very realistically. Nor is Sukhani a cruel step-mom.Rather there is comfort between her and Suman's biological kids.
It is an inspiring tribute to all women who fight against all odds and realize their true potential.Amruta who epitomizes this spirit imbues her Suman with an unflinching courage and confidence. Her journey is full of obstacles and she depicts it with an unmistakable weariness and exhaustion. She reckons as the true power of this show.
But to give credits credits where due, it is Yamini Das who gives such a heartfelt and intimate performance as the mother-in-law.There is also a charming friendship between Suman and Shukla ji(Anandeshwar Dwivedi) - her business partner, the nuances of which are meticulously curated by writers Abhishek Srivastava and Swarnadeep Biswas.
I strongly recommended Saas Bahu aur Aachar Pvt Ltd for your weekend. The show is a balanced mix of emotions, social messaging and interesting storyline.


Going with 3.5 stars out of 5. It is streaming on Zee5

Rating : 3.5/5

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