SHE Season 2 : "More powerful and grittier , the follow up is worth a watch"

SHE Season 2 :  "More powerful and grittier , the follow up is worth a watch"
The first season of Imtiaz Ali's created captivating series SHE had ended at a crescendo. The follow-up picks right from there.
Bhumi, played by Aaditi Pohankar, is just back from Nayak's den and she is interrogated and evaluated by an Intelligence team, headed by Nambiar. ACP Fernandez, who had implanted her in the drug lord's den is unhappy and not convinced about the explanations given by her in connection to her deal with the criminal mastermind.
While her duty as the undercover agent and mole is thrilling and dangerous, Bhumi's new found sexual liberation fulfills the character arc in this 7 part season that offers quantum of intrigue and tension. In the process, she is battered and bruised, kicked and punched and goes through an emotional upheaval. 
Director Arif Ali stages the thriller with sufficient nail-biting urgency and edginess.Some episodes suffer from pacing issues but the momentum picks up again towards the end. DoP Amit Roy meticulously lenses the dark and dingy alleys of the underbelly of the city that breeds crime and prostitution.
Compared to its prequel, this season gets a more violent and powerful construct that also reveals the past and the ruthless ways of the elusive Nayak, played with aplomb by Kishore Kumar G. The core theme is also resonated with the sexual intimacy and seduction that Bhumi exhibits to lure Nayak. 
We get to see the complex contours and erotic mind-games that Bhumi indulges in, while her character also treads a tormenting catharsis. Aaditi Pohankar nails her part as the fatale informant. She oozes sexuality from every pore of her being and is in terrific control of her character.
As ACP Fernandez, Vishwas Kini is sincere and efficient but I wish his part was written with more smarts.The commanding officer is flummoxed at Bhumi's real intentions and stumbles in the ambiguous dark.
Of the solid cast, Resh Lamba stands out as the menacing hinjra Durga.Though his part is short-lived, his sequence with Bhumi registers an intimidating impact.
On the whole, SHE Season-2 is a riveting and binge-watch worthy show that will go as a feather on Window Seat Film's repertoire.


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Rating : 3.5/5

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