Shoorveer review: Exhilarating!!

OTT web series Shoorveer synopsis

Shoorveer review: Exhilarating!!

What : Disney + Hotstar’s web series Shoorveer created by Samar Khan and directed by Kanishk Varma starring Makarand Deshpande, Manish Chaudhari, Regina Cassandra, Armaan Ralhan, Aadil Khan, Arif Zakaria, Faisal Rashid etc is an exhilarating pulse riser made with passion that makes you proud of the Indian Air Force and the Indian Army in general.

OTT web series Shoorveer synopsis

A fresh and extremely dangerous threat looms over India. The nation needs to hold its ground and thwart the enemy nation’s ploy to cripple the country.

 A special task force – an elite group from the Army, Navy and Air force called The Hawks gets created to safe guard the nation.

However, this elite group of super commandos – The Hawk has to face unexpected challenges that will put their courage, determination and passion to test time and again.


OTT web series Shoorveer review

Disney + Hotstar

So, a solid mix of Gunjan Saxena, Sherdil and Sea Hawks coming together in a passionately made pulse rising espionage thriller in surror of the 1986 Tony Scott cult Top Gun starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis to add more guroor to the Indian Air force and Army.

The eight episode series created by Samar Khan (director Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye and Shaurya – said to be loosely inspired from Hollywood military court martial drama A Few Good Men (Tom Cruise again) and is helmed by Kanishk Varma (Sanak, Footfairy).

The makers use all the known tricks of an espionage thriller – an ex ISI played by Arif Zakaria, his trusted spy with no strings attached played by Faisal Rashid, niece combo of style and technology, a female aid of the spy, Indian defense ministry, the PM, the Air Marshal, and a Minister who has doubts.

The déjà vu of Avrodh season 2, URI all appear as a flash one by one.

Thankfully, they don,t stay long as the series flies on its own.

The fighter jet plane sequences are superb; seem to be done under guidance from the professionals.

 When the Air Force commandos played by Regina Cassandra, Armaan Ralhan and Aadil Khan while fighting their inner demons enjoy the thrills while flying those fighter jets in the sky, it’s a hell of a pulse rising ride that reminds of Tom Cruise Top Gun to people like us.

The use of real aircrafts adds to the authenticity, the emotions and actions are twined properly and the espionage thrills are coined neatly to make a gripping watch.



Disney + Hotstar

Armaan Ralhan is fantastic as the tough, righteous and concerned Air Force pilot who is keen to prove himself.

Aadil Khan is very good. Regina Cassandra shines.  

Makarand Deshpande makes an impact as the head of the Indian top security agency. Manish Chaudhari as the chief of The Hawks is remarkable.

Good support comes from Abhishek Saha, Anjali Barot and Kuldeep Sareen.

Special mention for Arif Zakaria, Sahil Mehta,and Shivya Pathani is a must.

Faisal Rashid spins a surprise.



Shoorveer plays on the tried and trusted turf, though it plays really well, the surprise element is less and is marred by predictability. Moreover, a couple of Hawks are not given a proper back story. A solid haunting back ground score is missing.


Final words

Disney + Hotstar

Shoorveer delivers on action, emotions and flies on its own.  Streaming on Disney + Hotstar from July 15 2022, the web series created by Samar Khan and directed by Kanishk Varma is unique when it comes to its aerial combat sequences and use of fighter jets ( an extra for that). Going with a generous four star.









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