Taj: Reign Of Revenge Season 2 Review: It hits you slowly and steadily like a wine

Taj: Reign Of Revenge Season 2 Review: It hits you slowly and steadily like a wine

Taj: Reign Of Revenge Season 2 Review: "It hits you slowly and steadily like a wine"

What: Taj Season 1, which dropped on Zee5 two months back, had left us on a cliff-hanger. Season 2 ticks off from there.

Taj: Reign Of Revenge Season 2 synopsis

Prince Salim (played by Aashim Gulati), after being banished for 15 years, is on the quest to avenge his beloved Anarkali's death. He is all set to become the next Mughal Emperor.

Dynamics have changed between the Mughal brothers. Emotions have overwhelmed the ailing Jahanpanaah Akbar (Naseeruddin Shah) who wants them to stay united. Daniyal (Subham Kumar Mehra) hates Salim and seeks vengeance, Salim, who has turned vicious and vile, shames him at every opportunity and the question it poses is whether his fierce determination will result in creation of a new kingdom or the destruction of the Mughal monarchy.


Taj: Reign Of Revenge Season 2 Review

While season 1 was an exhilarating journey, season 2 is more intricate and intriguing but less on thrills. Crafted with immense diligence by show creator Abhimanyu Singh and directed by Vibhu Puri, it perks the things up with dramatic intensity and hits you slowly and steadily like a wine.

Don't dismiss Taj right after watching the first episode, it gathers tension while progressing and exploring new characters and relationships. You will see the new prominent entrants – Mehrunissa (Noor Jahan), played by Suraseni Maitra, and Salim's sons, Khusrau and Khurram, played by Jiansh Aggarwal and Mittansh Lulla respectively.

But Taj derives its emotional heft from the clumsy, uneasy, complex and vitriolic relationship between the father-son duo, played to perfection and complete conviction by Naseeruddin Shah and Aashim Gulati. While the former's veteran’s impeccable diction has always been an hallmark of any enterprise, the latter emanates a palpable sense of loom, loss and resilience.

From the actress brigade, Sandhya Mridul, playing Jodha Bhai and Suraseni get the maximum footage in this visually stunning 10 episode series.

I go with 3.5 stars out of 5 for Taj Season 2. It is streaming on Zee5 from 12th May 2023.

PS:  Review is based on the first 3 episodes.



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