The Adventures of Lleo review: Wacky and Hilarious

The Adventures of Lleo review: Wacky and Hilarious

The Adventures of Lleo review: Wacky and Hilarious

What - The Adventures of Lleo - Lleo takes you on a crazy and ingenuous comic array of (mis)adventures, BRO!

The Adventures of Lleo synopsis

Laxman Laal Ebote aka Lleo is one helluva quirky character from Permanent Roommates who deserved a spin-off of his own and the makers of this TVF series have cashed in on the most adorable and terrifically flawed entities.

In this 5-part mini-series, he becomes accidentally wealthy after receiving $500,000,000 from a Nigerian prince. He is surrounded by a group of Russian girls and leading a lavish lifestyle. Lleo is tricked while playing a game when he clicks a donation link, resulting in the seizure of all of his possessions. Now that he is homeless and has encountered Purushottam the cab driver on the road, thus the journey begins with the adventures of Lleo.


The Adventures of Lleo review

Created by Anandeshwar Dwivedi, who plays the titular Lleo, the show is sure-footed in what it delivers – slapstick and bizarre comedy with the wildest of scenarios. Being the writer, he does a fabulous job in conjuring up those scenarios and putting himself into it. Laughter is uniformly laced with the adverse situations in his life but the guy is as unfazed about them, as he is wary about using Bro in his lines.

Lleo Bro is damn careless, sleeps on the middle of the road, dopes with strangers in the car and even takes up odd assignments like abducting brides from the wedding and even lands up in jail! But what works to his benefit are the hilarious and unusually clever solutions for survival. The whirlwind of blunders offers you barrels of laughs.

The Adventures of Lleo final words

With a runtime of 20 minutes, the five episodes, created by the Screen Patti (TSP) – A part of TVF, are breezy and fascinating. Lleo is surrounded by interesting characters, played wonderfully by Anant Singh Bhaatu, Sudesh Mahashikar, and Shivankit Singh Parihar.

If I ever come across someone like Lleo , it would be my most cherished moment. Going with 3.5 stars out of 5 for The Adventures of Lleo.

‘The Adventures of Lleo is streaming on Amazon miniTV from 3rd November 2023


Rating : 3.5/5

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