Yeh Meri Family Season 2 review offers you a bouquet of heartfelt emotions

Yeh Meri Family Season 2 review: offers you a bouquet of heartfelt emotions

Yeh Meri Family Season 2 review: offers you a bouquet of heartfelt emotions

What: Yeh Meri Family Season 2 - From nostalgia to maximum reliability, the new season offers you a bouquet of heartfelt emotions

Yeh Meri Family Season 2 synopsis

Amazon miniTV - Amazon’s free video streaming service is back with the second season of Yeh Meri Family. The series gives us bouts of nostalgia, as it takes us back to the winters of the 90s. It is set to make you laugh and cry, bringing back all the memories from the past, right from gossiping to the neighbors’, fighting with our siblings to watching our favorite cartoons in the afternoon.

A cult family drama that gained massive popularity with its first season, the new season of Yeh Meri family focuses on the nuances of a typical middle-class family from the 1990s and captures the spirit in an entertaining way.

Hetal Gada plays Ritika Awasthi, who is 15 years old and is navigating difficulties that most teenagers go through. She depicts the challenges that a girl from a middle-class house goes through and is baffled by her life's uncertainty and perplexed by her family's bindings. Her parents undoubtedly love her but it's her father, portrayed by Rajesh Kumar whom she is seen having a frank and quirky father-daughter bond with. While her mother (played by Juhi Parmar), addressed as Kiran Bedi of the house, is the tough one and wants her kids to be disciplined. Ritika and her brother Rishi (played by Angaad) share the typical brother-sister bond and enjoy annoying each other whenever given a chance. She is always seen complaining about her life because of her excessive worry; she is ambitious and wants to fly high with a high job.


Yeh Meri Family Season 2 review

Produced by TVF’s Arunabh Kumar and directed by Mandar Karundkar , the show perfectly captures the nostalgic essence and takes us back in time when people visited PCO booths to make calls to their loved ones rather than scrolling on phones. The characters and plot resonate to everyone who is a true blue 90s person! So, if you're seeking something to watch and give you the good feelings, the new season of Yeh Meri Family ought to be on your watchlist. The script by Nikhil Sachan, headlined as winter ki kahaani , encapsulates all the beautiful movements from the past. If you are a 90s kid, you will find yourself transported back to your childhood as you watch the show. Winter always comes with lots of fun and the mid-term Semester where our mothers and teachers pester us to get good grades right from waking up early in the morning to study, wearing a woollen sweater to school, and having chawanprash, this series is a trip back down memory lane.

The characters of Yeh Meri Family are very relatable, and you will find yourself connecting with them as they go through the ups and downs of life. You will be laughing and crying along with the characters. Rishi is an annoying younger sibling who is mischievous, playful, and stubborn. Ritika is the elder child - A teenager who is rebel at heart, but like every other teenager she has emotions. Neerja is a schoolteacher who is strict, shouts but like all the mommies she wants her kids to be the best and Sanjay Awasthi plays the father of the family who is a good husband, an obedient son, and a lenient father but also raises eyebrows when required.


The performances in Yeh Meri Family are excellent. Each character from the series is very engaging and relatable. Rajesh Kumar (Roshesh of Sarabhai V Sarabhai) plays the lead character of Sanjay Awasthi, his natural acting style and his experiences of communicating through emotions make this series more engaging. Portraying the character of Sanjay Awasthi, he is sure to make the audience smile throughout the show with his effortless screen presence and character nuances. Like most fathers of the 90s, he is the epitome of patience and sacrifice. He prioritizes his family over his own interests and considers it almost impious to think of yourself before your children and parents. The patriarch of the family, he holds the position of Manager at Door Sanchar Vibhag in Lucknow. While being lenient, he is also the Superman for his children as makes the little things matter like bringing them their favorite gajak, chikki,moongfali, and fruits.

 Juhi Parmar, as the mother of the family, captures all the challenges of motherhood. Making her OTT debut with this season of Yeh Meri Family, Juhi Parmar entertains her fans with her portrayal of a woman balancing her life as a mother and wife in a middle-class family during the 90s. A schoolteacher, a homemaker, and a mother – Neerja Awasthi is a jack of all trades. Like every TV serial from the 90s, Neerja has her own chemistry going on with her mother-in-law which is extremely endearing in its own way. With her own battles at home, Neerja tries very hard to help the kids in her class who are not very fond of her because she doesn’t grade them well to what they believe. She is quintessentially the anchor of the family, who loves her near ones to the bits and plays a sensible, sharp and the perfect homemaker.

Yeh Meri Family final words

Yeh Meri Family is a one-of-a-kind and refreshing show that stands out from the crowd. The relatable storyline that captures the essence of a typical Indian household, as they go about their daily routine, will definitely be like a breath of fresh air.

I go with 3.5 stars.

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Rating : 3.5/5

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