Your Honor 2 review: Brilliantly Intense & Visceral

Your Honor 2 review: Brilliantly Intense & Visceral

What: Jimmy Sheirgill is back to power this brilliantly intense & visceral follow up of the terrific season 1of Sony LIV’s ‘Your Honor’ by E.Niwas. Your Honor – the official Adaption of the Israeli series Kvodo, produced by Applause Entertainment in association with Sphereorigins, yesTV & Koda communications is a sure shot winner, SonyLIV has all reasons to smile.

Your Honor 2 synopsis

Continues from where it ended. Bishan Khosla (Jimmy Sheirgill) has changed his place but his fate remains the same. Bishan’s son Abeer (Pulkit Makol) is in jail and the dreaded Satbir (Mahabir Bhullar) is still in jail. His son Harman (Kunj Anand) wants to settle score. Enter Yashpreet ( Mahie Gill) and Gurjot Pannu - The Devil (Gulshan Grover) owners of a happening club who become mediators or say the one having the control of what happens in the life of Judge Khosla, his son Abeer and the family of Satbir. Meanwhile Indu (Richa Pallod) gets kidnapped by Zeishan Quadri who plays the brother of Pandit.


Your Honor 2 review

Your Honor 2 review

The entry of bad man – Gulshan Grover, and Mahie Gill adds more color and some glamour to the proceedings.

We got access to five episodes and yes the opinion is coming from the half way mark but one thing is for sure. Your Honor 2 is chillingly visceral and terrifically intense. It’s always a challenge to maintain the bench mark set in the previous one?. And I am glad to say that the five episodes will ensure that we all come back for the remaining five.

Like Tabbar, You Honor 2 also shows a father who had nothing to lose starts loosing conscience and peace. Your Honor is more ambitious in its theme where the story is used as a convincing tool in highlighting the weaknesses in our law system. E Niwas makes it gripping throughout.

Enough twists and turns in this season as well written by Ishan Trivedi and co written by Neeraj Pandey, it’s gives the feel of a Shakespearean drama.


Jimmy Sheirgill rules again. Pulkit Makol gets more meat and he delivers. Kunj Anand is fantastic again.

Mahie Gill is marvelous and adds to the mystery. Gulshan Grover is amazing. Richa Pallod is very good and Zeishan Quadri leaves an impression.

Final words

Your Honor 2 is worth the wait. The series that has all shades of grey is a great weekend bet. Brilliantly intense & visceral. Make sure you do justice.


Rating : 4/5

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