Dybbuk movie review: A spooky blend of fear, love and lost

Dybbuk movie review: A spooky blend of fear, love and lost


What: Dybbuk - Emraan Hashmi in the Hindi adaptation of Jay K’s intriguing Malayalam supernatural horror Ezra satisfies in providing the chills and thrills. The interesting idea of a Jewish spook works in the Hindi adaptation as well.

Dybbuk movie synopsis

Mahi (Nikita Dutta) a newly married woman, brings an antique Jewish box into her home. When Mahi and her husband Sam (Emraan Hashmi) begin to have paranormal experiences, they soon learn that the box is a Dybbuk containing an evil spirit. The couple then seeks the help of Rabbi Benyamin (Anil George) to unravel its mystery. Rabbi Benyamin fails bringing in his son played by Manav Kaul to do the needful. What happens?

What is Dybbuk

Dybbuk comes from Jewish folklore, it s an evil spirit that possesses a living human with cruel intent.


OTT movie review Dybbuk


If the word has excited you and if you are of the opinion that the movie will give you more details and striking insights of the Jewish culture then you are at the wrong place.

The trump card that Jay K used in the ‘original’ Malayalam supernatural horror that starred Prithviraj Sukumaran and Priya Anand about a Jewish evil spirit incites interest over here as well.

In reality Jay K’s Ezra draws its inspiration from 2012 American supernatural horror The Possession by Ole Bornedal.

The fear factor Dybbuk remains the same and there are some changes in the Hindi adaptation.

Writer director Jay K with Chintan Gandhi (dialogue) maintain an absorbing blend of the urban city feel, surrounded by the air of mythology, the debate on believers and non believers which by default gets on whenever movies on possession/exorcisms are made.

In Dybbuk a hint on religion/class divide is there but not very striking, Dybbuk scores on its slow burning subtle scares where the presence matters more than the appearance.

It’s proud in its tribute to the old school as well.


Emraan Hashmi is outstanding and carries it effectively on his shoulders. Nikita Dutta impresses. Manav Kaul is fantastic.

From the supporting cast Denzil Smith leaves his mark.


The seed of the idea had great potential and honestly the Malayalam version was more heartfelt.

Final words

Anyone who already knows something about Dybbuks may find some extra chill for the rest of us it’s a satisfying spooky blend of fear, love and lost


Rating : 3.5/5

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