Looop Lapeta movie review : A ‘Bhola’ remake of Run Lola Run

Looop Lapeta : A ‘Bhola’ remake of Run Lola Run

Looop Lapeta : A ‘Bhola’ remake of Run Lola Run

What: Netflix Looop Lapeta by Aakash Bhatia is a bhola (innocent) fan boy remake of Tom Tykwer’s cult German  ‘Run Lola Run” that keeps asking this question why in retelling of western European stories in Hindi, Bollywood continues its fascination with look and feel of the original.

Looop Lapeta movie review

They take pride in making an official remake, even add the desi mythological sentiment of Satyavan and Savitri but restore to those foreign look, feel, colour, aura, atmosphere and techniques.

Here in this weird Savitri Satyavan story Savi (Tapsee Pannu) attempts the impossible task of saving her gambler lover Satya (Tahir Raj Bhasin).

Why?, cant you have an original story of your own, at least have an identifiable desi craft and technique to make it relatable.

Par nahi, this happens when the fan doesn,t know the greatness of his/her idol.

Looop Lapeta (the spelling with an extra ‘o’ is not a typing mistake it’s the makers who have added that extra  ‘o’) for reasons which they only know.

And I want to know why is Run Lola Run such a favorite of Aakash Bhatia, why Run Lola Run is a cult.

You will find many people claiming that Harivansh Rai Bachchan ‘s Madhushala is their favorite poem, but not everyone knows the true essence of this immortal masterpiece.

Within 5 minutes of Looop Lapeta, I started getting this feeling that director Aakash Bhatia and his group of writers Dr. Vinay Chhawal, Ketan Pedgaonkar, Arnav Vepa Nanduri and the director himself are unfortunately not much aware of the reason behind Run Lola Run’s cult status.

To me Run Lola Run was kinetic display of departure from the routine that brilliantly used the gimmicks of multiple viewpoints to show us the bigger picture.

Here the makers got the look and technique right but missed heart beat from time to time and never touched the soul.


Looop Lapeta performance and final words


Tapsee once again comes in a ‘different’ movie, different role but sadly appears the same from Rashmi Rocket running in Goa instead of Gujarat.

Tahir Raj Bhasin again proves that he is influenced by SRK.

Shreya Dhanwanthary is fabulous in a cameo.

Dibeyendu Bhattacharya is boring.

Final words

Can you eat chole puri with kata churi, if this is the way you want to Indianise a western/European or any region cult without getting into your own roots then beware, these ‘bhola’s won’t get much space to run in future.


Rating : 2/5

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