Radhe Shyam : A close encounter with the rebel, the lover Prabhas

Radhe Shyam : A close encounter with the rebel, the lover Prabhas

Radhe Shyam : A close encounter with the rebel, the lover Prabhas 

Prabhas: “I am nervous about Radhe Shyam's outcome”, says the Baahubali phenomenon, the rebel star, the hero of the masses. Prabhas. Ready with his new mega 300 crore budget love story Radhe Shyam. The movie is releasing on the 11th of March, 2022, this Friday.

Prabhas in a heartfelt conversation with cineblues speaks about taking a big risk with Radhe Shyam, working with his co star Pooja Hegde. Prabhas also spills beans about his Hindi projects, budget of Radhe Shyam, his role as a Palmist and much more.

Over to Prabhas

I am nervous about Radhe Shyam's outcome

Prabhas is ready with his new film Radhe Shyam which releases this Friday. When asked whether he feels nervous, Prabhas says "Generally, I am not bothered about my films' outcome. But I am very tense about this film as it is a love story and I am trying romance after a really long time. I am eager to know whether the audience will accept me in such a role or not".

I wanted to reject this film initially

Prabhas says when director Radha Krishna told him, he had a love story which he wanted to narrate, he did not want to take up the film and decided to reject it post the narration. "Even after the first half, I wanted to say no. But the moment the second half started, I got so involved that I could not say no to this mega project" says Prabhas.


Radhe Shyam is a cosmic love story

When asked what's so special about the film, Prabhas says "Radhe Shyam is a cosmic love story and there are many elements which are induced into the story which have been narrated in a special manner. I play a palmist who reads the future of people. What happens when he knows the truths about his own love story is the basic theme".


The story needed such huge budget

Radhe Shyam is made on a budget of 300 crores. When asked if it was necessary to put such big money, Prabhas says "The film has a period backdrop and is set completely in Europe. The story and vision needed a huge budget. Also, as the Covid cases grew, we had to create Europe in Hyderabad and it cost us a bomb. But all this will be worth it on screen".


I have taken a big risk with Radhe Shyam

When asked whether his action image will suit such a love story, Prabhas says "If I keep on doing back to back action films, the audience will get bored. That is the reason; I gave my nod for Radhe Shyam after the narration. Radhe Shyam is a romantic drama and I have taken a big risk with this film and I hope it pays off".


Pooja Hegde has given her best work to date

When asked about working with Pooja Hegde, Prabhas says "Pooja looks beautiful in the film and has given her best performance so far. She has a very challenging character which gives Pooja a chance to go all out".


I don't believe in astrology and marriage anymore

Prabhas is the most eligible bachelor in Tollywood and when asked about his prediction on marriage, he says "Even though I play a palmist in the film, I do not believe in astrology. My love life has never worked out and that is the reason, I prefer to stay single".


My Hindi is picking up slowly

When asked about his not so fluent Hindi, Prabhas says "I know my Hindi is not that great. But I am getting better with each film. I worked so hard on the dubbing of this film. There are a few words which I cannot speak fluently but I will work hard to improve for my future projects".

I have rejected multiple biggies in Hindi

When asked about Bollywood offers, Prabhas says "Post the release of Baahubali 2, I got offers for so many action films but I rejected them all as there was no proper storyline and everyone wanted to cash in on my image. For me to accept a Hindi film, the story, director and action should be top class".

I want to do more films in the coming years

When asked about doing fewer films, Prabhas says "From now on, there won't be much of a gap and I will release at least two films a year. I know my fans are getting disappointed and that is the reason, I have signed five more films".







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