National award winner Asuran review

National award winner Asuran review

What: Based on Tamil novel Vekkai (written by Poomani), Asuran by Vetri Maaran sees Dhanush in an incredible role fighting for justice in this aggressive war against the caste system.

Asuran movie synopsis

Based on a Tamil novel Vekkai (written by Poomani), screen adaptation is done by Vetri Maaran and Manimaran. Asuran is the story of uprising. The movie opens with Sivasamy (Dhanush) running in the woods at night with his son Chidambaram (Ken Karunas). There is a dispute between the less privileged Sivasamy’s family with the upper caste Vaddakuran Narasimhanan’s (Aadukalam Naren) family – the landowners who control the village, panchayat and everything. Sivasamy was once the most loyal and trusted aide of the Narasimhanan’s, why are they at logger heads, why is Sivasamy up against the powerful Narasimhanan?. All is explained in this bloody, gritty revenge saga.

Asuran movie review

On the surface, Vetrimaaran’s action packed Asuran starring Dhanush is a war rustic revenge drama, but it is layered with the age-old class struggle and told in a mainstream format to please the masses and the classes.

Relevant today as well as it was in the period set - early 1960s to 1980’s, Asuran discusses class divide, land/power politics like Vada Chennai.

Vetrimaaran characterisations are rooted to the ground, its violent but it doesn’t support violence as the answer/solution. The violence is more of a reaction to the oppression.

Asuran is certainly another feather in Vetrimaaran’s cap.


Cinematographer Velraj brilliant cinematography especially during the night scenes create a deeper impact.

GV Prakash Kumar’s background score is superb.

Any memorable dialogue/scene

The pre interval portion


Asuran is more of a personal vendetta though the issue of caste struggle comes out but it could have gathered more force and the debate should have gone further.




Dhanush is terrific. The actor in one of his finest and most balanced roles till date, goes devastatingly all out in one scene and calmly controlled in another. Dhanush is simply outstanding.

Manju Warrier makes a solid debut in Tamil.

Teejay Arunasalam (as Velmurugan) and Ken (as Chidambaram) are perfect. Prakash Raj is fantastic as the lawyer Venugopal Seshadri.

Pavan as Vaddakuran's younger brother and Aadukalam Naren as Vaddakuran Narasimhan are fabulous as well.


Final words


Asuran scores on its high-octane action, deep rooted emotions and incredible performance by Dhanush in lead and others. Vetri Maaran’s Dhanush is not just a story of a man fighting for his family. It’s a cinema with cause that can affect.


Rating : 4/5

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