Beast movie review: Vijay is superb!

Beast movie review: Vijay is superb!

Beast movie review: Vijay is superb!

What: Vijay is one of the biggest stars in the south and has been giving back to back hits in the past. He has teamed up with director Nelson for Beast which has released with solid hype in Tamil and Telugu. Let's review the film here.

Beast movie synopsis

Veera Raghava (Vijay) is a RAW agent who goes on a mission of nabbing a dreaded terrorist. But in this process, his freak mistake kills a small Muslim girl. Upset with this, he comes back to Chennai and decides to take some time off from his job. He then takes up a job of a security officer in a mall and falls in love with Savitri (Pooja Hegde). When Veera goes to the mall for a duty visit, he finds something suspicious and understands that the entire mall is under a hostage situation. Left with no choice, he decides to save the lives of thousands in the mall. Well, how he does that is the story of Beast.


Beast movie review

Beast is more of a hostage drama than a spy thriller. The film has Vijay as a protagonist who is forced with the duty of saving people who are stuck in a mall. The start up is done nicely as the plot and basic aim of the film is established nicely by director Nelson. He gives enough space for Vijay to showcase his star screen presence and this will be loved by the fans.

But once the hostage drama starts, the film is handled in a slow manner. The basic thrill that is needed for hostage drama is somewhere not brought out properly. This is where the audience tends to get bored a bit. But Vijay makes sure that his fans will have a blast with his action blocks.

Apart from Vijay, the rest of the cast is new and does not enhance the atmosphere properly. Due to this, the effect which was required for the thriller keeps getting lost time and again. There are also a few logical errors which do not go unnoticed.

The sad part of killing civilians is easy and the tense atmosphere is made a joke off in many areas. The action blocks are good and will please the masses. But the rest of the act is far-fetched and better writing would have made matters better.



Vijay is superb as a RAW agent. He has done a lot of action in his career but when it comes to Beast, it is more stylized and Vijay showcases his swag to the fullest and thrills his fans. His fans will go crazy as he has danced superbly after a very long time in his career. In all the action episodes, Vijay does well and holds the screen.

Pooja Hegde looks beautiful and is a perfect match for Vijay. Their chemistry is also good in the film. Character wise, Pooja Hegde does not have much to do in the film. Director Selvaraghavan plays a key role in this film and his punches are good. But VTV Ganesh is the man who evokes good comedy in the film in tense situations.



Beast is filled with action shots and the fight masters have done well when it comes to composing the thrills. There are a few blocks which look over the top but the rest of them are pretty good and stylish. Anirudh has composed the music and he is the man who enhances the proceedings with his BGM. There are only two songs which have been shot and composed effectively.

The editing is not that great as the pace is slow throughout the film. The camera work is astonishing as the fights and mall backdrop looks grand in the film. The Telugu dubbing was also pretty good. The writing part is not that great as the film has a very routine storyline of hostage drama. More emotions in key areas of the plot would have made Beast a lot better.


Final words

Beast has a great premise and lavish budget and it shows on screen. Vijay kills it in his new action avatar and his fans will surely love him. But there are a few errors of missing emotions which make the plot dull and disappoint the regular moviegoers. Going with a generous 3 an extra for Vijay who makes sure his hardcore fans are thrillingly pleased.






Rating : 3/5

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